The 6 Types of Halloween Costumes You’ll See This Year


I honestly haven’t put any thought into what I’m going to be for Halloween this year.  Perhaps that’s because I’m a dad and I’m more concerned about my young children’s gear.  Then again I wouldn’t mind coming up with something pretty fantastic.  I was actually thinking of being Willy Wonka while my sons are Oompa Loompas.  But I think they’re a little young to be painting their faces orange.   And I happen to think of you’re gonna go swimming you gotta get wet so if you’re not going all out in your costume, what’s the point?

But what will people actually be going as this year?  Every year there are new fads, trends, and a bevy of costumes that make the most popular list.   JHall from @jhallcomics over at Dorkly came up with some brilliant comics about what we can expect to see this year.  As you can see above, Harley Quinn is predicted to be a hit (which I agree with).

I think Hall nailed it with these six shots.






Comics via Dorkly

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