A Glorious Moment in Battlefield 3


I haven’t played Battlefield OR Modern Warfare for weeks now, as my tolerance for getting repeatedly killed by twelve year olds is at an all time low, but I can appreciate the sheer awesomeness found in this video.

It’s a moment that all FPS players dream of, particularly people like myself whose playstyle is “run and gun” where the entire goal is to flank the enemy. Here that tactic pays off in spades, and when the moment finally comes, it’s absolutely glorious.

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  1. Nice one. I especially like how cool he is about this in the comments. He’s like “I had a lucky break there” and not like “haha! I totally pwned you losers!!!111”.

  2. I get that MW3 is extremely flawed and not perfect…but really??? u like a game where one guy can kill the whole team in ten seconds cause the whole team is in one 10 ft area? i really hope this isn’t what happens all the time in B3 cause that’s ridiculous.

  3. Nope, it’s just for that level in particular. 64 players on Operation Metro. 3 flags, one in the middle of the subway. GIANT bottle neck.

    You can’t get forward at all so that’s why people stack up like that. I never play that map with 64 players for that reason.

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