A Gallery of Batman Fighting Everyone

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Batman is a busy guy. Gotham has more villains than I can count, and it seems all of them are always wrecking havoc in one place or another. Bruce Wayne never gets a moments rest because of it, and it seems like he’s always in combat.

But that extends past just his usual universe. I went on a hunt to see just how many unusual battles I could find Batman in, and I was pleasantly surprised to find him fighting all manner of strange foes. Whether it’s his teammates (Superman, Wonder Woman) or rivals from another universe (Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk) or heroes outside of comics themselves (Boba Fett, Vegeta, Predator, Velociraptors) there are a TON of foes that artists have imagined him duking it out with over the years.

This was a fun gallery to assemble, and I bet you’ll like it as well. Take a look below.

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vs. Ryu

vs. Wolverine

vs. Vegeta

vs. Iron Man

vs. Link

vs. Hulk

Vs. Raptor

vs. Superman (there are a ton of these)


vs. Werewolf 

vs. Solid Snake

vs. Boba Fett

More amazing battles on the next page.

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  1. Every comic geek I know that loves Batman always is sure he’d win against everybody. I think most of them would beat him silly. Especially punisher.

  2. The only ones he’d lose to are wolverine, vegeta, and wonderwoman. Conditionally deadpool, hulk, and superman are definite problems, the rest he has beaten or at least similiar people.
    ~the guy who spends his free time on dc&marvel wikias

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