A Few More Disney Princess Halloween Costumes


A few days ago we had this post, where Disney Princesses dressed up as their favorite female pop culture characters for Halloween. It was amazing, but it appears a few more have been added to the collection since then by artist Isaiah Stephens.

To add to the pile we have Alice as Buffy, and the two I can’t identify. One is someone from Percy Jackson, which I found out by Googling her shirt, and the other is the Pink Ranger. But which princesses are they? Cinderella? Rapunzel with short hair? I can’t tell. And I’m an expert in this field.

See the other two for yourself below:

UPDATE: And three more new ones to boot. And I figured out the other two are Charlotte La Bouff from The Princess and the Frog (never would have gotten that) and the other is indeed Cinderella. New ones added, and I’ll let you guess at them yourself.






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