Words Cannot Describe How Excited I Am For This

I was a bit disappointed that when I concluded my month long excursion into Veronica Mars, that only a few of you were there to greet me on the other end. Come on, this is the film that raised $9.5M in a month on the backs of 90,000 rabids fans! You’re telling me there aren’t a few more of you out there?

Anyway, the show is great and you should watch it if you haven’t. Once you do, you may be as excited as me that it’s coming back to life with the Kickstarted movie I just mentioned. The video above contains a behind the scenes look at the project, and the first actual footage from the film. I’m not one to normally geek out a preview pieces, but this is a special case. I’m shocked at how well everyone has aged, though I suppose ten years isn’t THAT long of a time.

Watch above, and watch the damn show if you haven’t so I have other people to be excited with.

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  1. I got your back, dude.
    I started watching this with my then girlfriend (now wife), because she likes mysteries and I had nothing better to watch. But soon I was as into, if not MORE into, the show than she was.
    Great characters, the dialogue is snappy as hell, the plots are pretty friggin decent, and Enrico Colantoni is pure gold.
    I am going to watch the heck out of this movie.

  2. Totally agree with you Paul! I chipped in $10 to Kickstarter having never seen Veronica Mars, and figuring I might get a little karma in return for TV shows I’d like to see resurrected.

    I then decided to watch it and was hooked pretty quickly. By episode 4, I decided to increase my pledge to $60 and then finished all three seasons. I’m really looking forward to the movie now!

    It’s a fantastic show and pretty exciting to now see it coming back after 10 years – I’d encourage more people on this site to check it out.

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