A Fake Treasure Chest Turns Beachgoers into Real Pirates for a Day


Real life can be boring, hence the impossibly cool name of our site here. That’s why I like when ordinary people do their best to spice things up.

This is a prank, but a pretty damn cool one. A group of intrepid fellows buried a treasure chest on a beach at night, then arrived the next day to dig it up after “finding it” with a metal detector. The crowd around the discovery grows, and even though you know it’s fake, you can feel how excited the people get as the discovery is made.

Even though the fun police show up for a brief period of time, it still ends up being a good time for everyone. If you have to pull a prank, at least make sure it brightens, not ruins, people’s days like this one did.

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  1. Then check out “improve everywhere” group of people who cause fun situation in everyday places.

    For example:
    they made musical in a mall
    few hundred people stopped moving at grand central
    many people ride pant less on NY metro
    Fake u2 concert
    just to name few

    Many of them or fun or just Unreal 😀

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