Pharmaceutical Companies With Crazy Mascots


Mascots can be great ways to promote a product, but sometimes they’re full of crap. The Xifaxan intestine for example,  fits into the latter category. Xifaxan, if you’re not familiar, is a medication for irritable bowel syndrome. Some marketing company somewhere got paid millions of dollars to create an animated character that runs around ready to lose its … y’know, every time it turns a corner.

It’s been around for the past few months, but its parent company, Valeant Pharmaceuticals, chose to promote it during the Super Bowl this year, introducing “Gut Guy” to a whole new audience that wasn’t ready. To be fair, this is not an easy product to market. But there has to be a better way. Let’s plumb the depths of pharmaceutical advertising. We’re going for the gut…as they say.

Check out these crazy mascots from pharmaceutical companies

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