The Evolution of Madonna in Magazine Covers

Normally we’re not that big on music here but we certainly dabble in the celebrity world quite a bit.   And perhaps there hasn’t been a celebrity in the last 100 years who has stood the test of time as much as Madonna.  And by standing the test of time I mean evolving with the times and being on top at all times.

It’s truly an amazing wonder.   I would say that in the music world only U2, The Rolling Stones, and Bruce Springsteen have probably done the same. Also Pearl Jam, but I’m biased and they only started their popularity in the 90s.

Anyway, when you’re this famous you tend to land on magazine covers quite often.  And here’s a look at Madonna gracing the cover of a magazine every year since 1983…..

The 80s








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  1. I agree with your selections of the rolling stones, the boss and pearl jam but the last 5 years at least have not been kind to U2 or madonna.

    Also you forgot Johnny Cash who has been spectacular since his first album and is still releasing good stuff 8 years after his death.

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