This is Where Robin Williams Lives

Sometimes you just have to be in awe at the money folks in Hollywood make.  And we’re not even talking about producers and studio owners who probably make the most.   But once in a while I like to see pictures of homes of Hollywood celebs just to make me a little more depressed.  Here’s one!

Robin Williams‘ 20,000 sq. ft property in California features a lavish house, a vineyard and an infinity pool.  The home has five bedrooms, a cinema, a gaming room and a chef’s kitchen.  This mansion is for sale now for $35 million.  I can spend like a few bucks.  Would that work?

Pictures after the jump…..

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  1. I have always been a fan of the comic genius that is Robin Williams but the dude also has impeccable taste. He knows how to live that’s for sure. Check out his standup on Broadway it’s hilarious.

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