A Cool Batman Art Project

What you see here is a cool little art gallery of Batman characters, but it’s actually a bit more involved than that. Artist Scarlett Veith has made a vow to do one new Batman picture a week every week until The Dark Knight Rises comes out this summer.

Since the film will be released in mid July, we’ve got an awful lot of weeks to go until that time. Do you think she’ll be able to find a character for each week? It’s a big universe, but still.

It’s clear she’s already dipping into some of the more obscure characters to make sure she has enough. I’ve personally never heard of Batzarro or Anarky, but apparently they’re Bat-baddies. Check out the gallery so far below, and I’ll probably do an update with more of her pieces later.


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  1. I’m not much into DC characters but there’s still
    Joker, cat-woman, two-face, Penguin, Harley, Bane, Hugo strange, Killer Moth, and Man-Bat. for some pretty basic of the top of my head ones.

  2. Definitely a nice and refreshing take on the batman art universe…its all great up until they totally screw up batman himself and make him look like an ogre…now why the hell would they do that??? *sigh*

  3. @Kash – I’m not sure if you’re joking or not. You do know that the last one isn’t Batman, it’s Batzarro as mentioned in the introduction…

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