A Complete Wishlist for Dragonball Xenoverse 3

Dragon Ball Xenoverse was first released in Early 2015. It initially came out for PS 3, PS4, and Xbox One and 360 with a PC version for Microsoft Windows. Within a year of the release of the first installment, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 hit the market. Fans of the game were thrilled with the quick turn around for the sequel. It’s been nearly 4 years since the second installment of the game was released and players are starting to get antsy about the third. As of this time, there has been no official statement about the release of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3, but this hasn’t stopped players from putting together their wishlists. Bandai Namco has achieved huge success selling more than 15 million units of the first two installments so it makes sense to release the third. Although we’re all wondering why there’s been no word, everyone’s still hopeful. Here is the complete wishlist for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3, with hopes that the developers will take some of our pleas under consideration.

1. Transformations

Fandom forum members were quick to answer the question about what they want to see in the third installment of Dragon Ball Xenoverse. They want to see some transformations with Saiyan-Super Vegeta 3, Earthling-Max Power, God ki infused, Namekian Super Namek like fusion, bio armor, and red-eyed Namekian. Just to name a few.

2. Races

Players put races on their wishlist. A few include Kaioshin/Shinjin, Race of Hera (Bojack’s race), demon, sigma force robot France machine mutant, tailed Saiyan, Shenron, Android, and bio-android. The list goes on but you get the gist. Players want to see a lot of races included in a new installment of Dragon Ball Xenoverse.

3. New Race Transformations

Another item on the wish list is for new race transformations. These include Half-Saiyan, Great Ape CAC, Bio-Android Perfection, God Power to turn red, Shenron Dragon Ball absorption, and a Machine mutant upgrade with new options so the character continues to turn deeper red until the transformation is over. Players also want to see Android Overdrive with a shining aura and gold plates.

4. Specific characters included

Players have made their official request to see a slew of characters in a new release of Dragon Ball Xenoverse. The top requests are for DB: Piccolo Daimao, Tamborine, Drum, Yajirobe, Mutaito, Crane Hermit, Roshi, Chaozu, General Blue, Kid Goku, Kid Krillin, DBZ: Gine, Monster Zarbon, Cui, the second and third form Freeza, Mecha Freeza, an alternative for Final form, 19, Gero, Semi-Perfect Cell, Dabura, Shin, Kibito, Kibitoshin, Super Buu Gotenks, Super Buu Gohan, Pikkon, Kid Uub, Super Garlic Jr., Super Android 13, Tapion,, Chilled and Hatchiyak.

5. More new transformations

Another item on the complete wishlist includes more new transformations including Super Saiyan 4, Super Saiyan Blue, Buff for all races, Cooler form, Mechan form like Freeza, Super Saiyan Berserk in female and Legendary Super Saiyan male. They also want to see Absorption Majin, Skinny form for Majin, Giant Mecha human, and Metal form like Cooler. The list goes on with Half corrupted Shinjin, Demon God Demon, Sword mode for everyone, and four witches in the human category.

6. More customization

The one recurrent theme that we’ve seen in the hundreds of wishlists that have been posted is that players want to see a lot more hairstyles. They also want to have more facial styles, and they want everything to be colorable. If they’re going to have a third installment they want to have a broad range of features to use to create their own Xenoverse.

7. A new storyline

Another common request is to have a new storyline. They don’t want to have a repeat that is a regurgitated iteration of the previous two storylines. They want to have something brand new that is different. Along with this request, players have emphatically stated that they want to use characters, forms, and other elements from Heroes.

8. Alternate timelines

Another thing that players want to see in the third installment is the use of alternative timelines. This could lead to some truly amazing what-if scenarios. Alternate timelines could bring about some new storylines that are more meaningful. We’d like to see the developers give it a shot.

9. Delete less favorable characters

A player in the forum went out on a limb and ventured that there are some characters that should be deleted from the next version of the game. The member suggested not bringing Janemba back for the third installment. He would also like to see Super 13 go because of his attitude. There is somewhat of a consensus, at least among some players that there needs to be a clean-up of the movie villains in the roster. They suggest bringing on more of the characters from Super.

10. Gameplay changes

The gang at Reddit has an extensive list of gameplay changes they want to see in the next installment of the game. They start it off with a request for color palettes, as well as all colors that are on RGB sliders. They’ve also indicated that they want all clothing to have the ability to be recolored. This falls under the customization that we mentioned earlier.

11. Higher transformations in mid-battle

This is a significant change that players are asking for. They want to make it possible to have higher transformations in the middle of battle, complete with permanently unlocking it. The wish list includes the ability to select an unlocked transformation at any time in the game.

12. Game Modes

Another item on the complete wish list is for additions to the game modes. Players want to see the addition of a new kind of alternate mission that brings in moments from the other universes in Dragon ball. They also want a battle royale mode inspired by the Tournament of Power. Recommendations for adding a ten mand locked team for this mode with the capacity for 80 players joining in the fray.

13. A secondary AI partner

Players also want to see Xenoverse 3 add a new option for adding a secondary AI partner to accompany your character throughout the campaign. This AI character would have the ability to fuse with your character through Fusion Dance or Potara to combine the skills of both.

14. All Characters get all versions

Players would also like to see all of the characters get all versions in Xenoverse 3. They explained that when running the full gauntlet, it would make the fights more satisfactory. They also requested to have the characters condense into one. They’d like to see Cells, Coolers, and Frieza’s forms stack.

15. Provide all transformations with differentiation

Requests for SS4, SSG, SSB, Golden, Legendary SS, Majin SS, Potential Unleashed. Ultra Instinct, God of Destruction, Villainous, and Supervillain mode with all of them differentiated.

16. Correlate missions with certain unlocks

A wish to have appropriate missions with corresponding unlocks was made. The player recommended that you should face the challenge of proving your strength to unlock SSG, and a requirement to complete Whis’s battle training for the Ultra Instinct unlock. This is preferred instead of random drops.

17. Include all the arcs in GT and Super in the story

Begin with the Dragon Ball Story, and bring in all the GT and Super arcs. A wish to cover the DBZ canon in the game is preferred, but it should be treated like the legacy missions and super packs. Include everything and don’t skip over anything Make the story complete and all-inclusive.

18. Bring in side story content

Players would like to see the developers bring in more side story contact. Include Dragon Ball Heroes, Dragon Ball Online, and Dragon Ball Fusions. Also include Time Breakers vs Time patrol and allow players to choose a side including good or evil. Give the ability for Majin, Villainous, and Supervillain transformations. Include PQs from across all 12 universes in the post-game.

19. Give Earthlings something to call their own

The Kanzenshuu forum members want to see the earthlings have a place that they can call their own. They would like to see Earthlings have a couple of transformations that belong to them uniquely and not open to other races. Show the true potential of earthlings.

20. Make environments more destructible

Another wish on the list of players is to change the environments and stages. First, they’d like to see more destructible environments. The environments and many of the items within them cannot be destroyed and it would be more immersive if you could destroy the structures that your opponents hide behind. Why would you want to make these indestructible when it’s more fun to destroy them and nail the opponent?

21. Make God forms available

In canon, Vegeta says that god forms are attainable by any Saiyan. Each set should be available to players. Let them choose the style they want to play and give them a set of drawbacks and balances. This could replace prior transformations.

22. Physical change in Super Evolution

Players also want to see the physical change in Super evolution. They want the aura to visually change like the Freiza Clan Heroes in the Dragon Ball Heroes and Cooler’s more transformation. Also, add some cool changes in facial features that reflect the locked when the character was created. Make the transformations for each character unique for each game.

23. Make the transformations more extensive

Although each race has transformations and upgrades, they could be improved. Make them more extensive. The new transformations are not as extensive as they could be. There is a huge potential for adding some significantly different features in the new transformations that make them more exciting and more noticeable.

24. Add more separation between Pure Good and Pure Evil

The Pure Evil Form doesn’t get as much of an increase in power as it should. Give it more for special attacks. Let them take more damage. Players want to see the Pure Good Majin get more stamina with faster ki recovery and more speed but don’t increase their damage output by much. It would be cool to add more distinctions between the pure good and the pure evil forms.

25. Rename Humans

The Deviant Art Forum has its own set of wishes to add to the already extensive list. They start with renaming humans and earthlings in Xenoverse 3 and just calling them Other. Give them two classes to choose from, but give them a load of diverse ways to customize the characters. Make the humanoids look like aliens with human faces.

26. Animal option

Another member added that addition animal characters that take on the form of a mix between animals and aliens could be interesting. They’d like to see a complete ability to customize them with choices for adding beaks, snouts, feathers, fur, scales, skin, and more. Other suggestions for adding animal types including amphibious creatures, canines, rodents, goats birds, reptiles, dragons, dinosaurs, and so forth.

27. Add new races

Another popular request is to add new races. Along with this request, players want to see new android races, cyborgs, and robots. Make the cyborgs humanoids in their looks with detachable limbs and brain domes that you can customize. Make robots that are more like mechanical droids. Allow players to create robots and customize them. Also, add greater customization of the height and weight system.

28. More custom cosmetics

Another item for the wish list is to allow for better makeup, scars, and markings. Provide options for making these things any way you want. Add a variety of different styles of makeup, scars, and other markings on the bodies.

29. Customization of the voice

Make Xenoverse 3 with options for fully customizing the voice of your character. Start out with a default voice, but allow players to adjust the pitch and tone. Also, add filters to add more character to the voices.

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