A Collection of the Funniest Clips From The Tom Green Show

I hadn’t seen or heard anything about Tom Green for a long time before he appeared on the newest season of The Celebrity Apprentice.  He had appeared in a few movies, like Road Trip and Stealing Harvard, dated Drew Barrymore, and then just kind of fell off the face of the Earth.  I like Tom Green in movies, but – as my buddy Nick says – he’s also put on a leash of sorts.  When he had his own show on MTV, though, Green was allowed to do pretty much whatever he wanted.  I was a big fan of the show in college, and I was glad to see that most of the clips hold up pretty well.  You’re either a big Tom Green fan or you aren’t, so chances are you’ll either love these clips or will be left scratching your head.  In any event, here are a collection of some of the funniest clips from the Tom Green Show.

What’s Your Opinion?


Sure, the news report is fake, but the people being interviewed don’t know that.

Sweet Home Ali Baba

Tom goes shopping for a new house and acts like a total idiot the entire time.  The couple showing the house don’t seem to mind his antics, though.

Mall Paging


Tom abuses the paging system at the local mall.  Check out his slick move to escape from the security guard at the end.

Soccer Hooligans


Tom disrupts a children’s soccer game, complete with music.

Baseball Game


Tom manages to use the PA system during a minor league baseball game.  Needless to say, it doesn’t last very long.

Drink Responsibly


Tom gets wasted off rum and cokes.  I’m pretty sure he’s not faking.

Show Me Your Teets


This was the first Tom Green clip I had ever seen.  Pretty funny…and disgusting.



I never knew how Tom Green’s dad put up with all the sh*t Tom would pull.  My father would have broken my neck if I did this.  For real.

The Where’s My Dinner Bitch Statue


Once again, I don’t know how his dad doesn’t beat him for things like this.

Bubble Boy


Tom disrupts a softball game and nearly gets his ass kicked.

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