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space cowboy

Nothing to see here but some absolutely incredibly Cowboy Bebop poster art from Alexander Laccarino. The show has been recommended to me by endless amounts of readers, yet remains on my backlog of shame. I watched a handful of episodes from a nefarious source, and wasn’t hooked quite enough to finish the whole series, but I know I really need to get to it regardless. Is it on Netflix?

(checks Netflix)

Nope. Guess it’s back to those nefarious sources. Or I could buy a DVD for the first time since 2002 for…$90??? Geez. Is it good, or is it $90 good? That’s the question people.


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  1. Anime especially good anime is often way over priced due to low demand outside of Japan, budgets, and working for peanuts. They know that there are hardcore International fans who will pay just about anything so the prices are sky high for some. Don’t pay $90 for it. If you want a good and cheaply priced anime I recomend Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad. It’s a slice of life anime about Japanese kids forming a band and struggling to make it, (a nice change of pace from monster/demon school girls fighting space marines with giant mechs). I bought the entire series of 26 episodes for $13.

  2. That price is crazy high. Bebop has been a staple of Adult Swim/Toonami since like forever, but just your luck it’s been off the air since last month. It’s not necessarily a show where one or two episodes is going to blow you away (depending on the episodes), but it’s pretty much a can’t miss safe bet as a whole. You might keep an eye out for its inevitable return to Cartoon Network if you aren’t down for streaming or overpriced DVD sets.

  3. It is available to rent on DVD at Netflix. You’ll have to get one of those old fashioned mailboxes (ask your parents if you don’t know what a mailbox is 🙂

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