A Collection of Fictional Business Cards

This is a pretty cool art project from Fro Design Co. It’s a series of fictional business cards based around TV shows and movies you all know. You can buy the entire thing as a print over at the Fro site, but first hit the jump so see what cards they have to offer.

I’m very impressed that I got nearly all of them without even trying. The only ones I’m hung up on are Red Apple Cigarettes and InGen, as I don’t quite get the reference. I understand Sienar Fleet Systems is supposed to be something Star Wars related, but I’m missing exactly where they got that from.

Check out the other companies below:

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  1. Ingen is from jurassic park, in the lost world they’re the company that brings the dinosaurs back to california. I’m pretty sure the company is more prominent in the books, but don’t quote me on that it’s been a while since I read them.

  2. Love the Edward Nigma business card, reminds me of the scene where they find out who the riddler is:


    “Mystery. Mr. E. Mr E Nigma, EDWARD NIGMA!”


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