Ten Pairs of Movies with the Same Description

die hard1

It’s sort of hard to explain what this is, so I’ll just show you with the first item on the list here:

1. Die Hard/Love Actually

“The hero discovers what Alan Rickman has been secretly up to, and it ruins Christmas.”

It’s from a rather fantastic reddit thread that was passed on to me some time ago, and I just had to sift through for the highlights. Read the rest below:

2. I Robot, Wild Wild West

i robot1

“Will Smith is a cop who doesn’t trust technology and has to team up with a nerd to fight robots.”

3. Se7en/Willy Wonka


“Creepy recluse kills a number of strangers with complex allegorical tortures.”

4. Avatar/The Little Mermaid


“Main character wants to be able to walk and run and use legs. Is given the opportunity to do so but in a different world. Will be ostracized if they choose to stay, but they do anyway.”

5. Aladdin/Les Miserables


“Stole some bread, shit happened, and became a good person.”

6. Finding Nemo/Jaws

finding nemo1

“Everybody’s looking for this one fish, then they find him.”

7. Fight Club/Hannah Montana: The Movie

fight club1

“Seemingly normal protagonist’s life and relationships are put to the test when their Alternate Personality gets a little too overwhelming.”

8. Shutter Island/Inception

shutter island1

“Leonardo DiCaprio is heart broken over the death of his wife and goes on an imaginary mission to make things better while the audience gets really confused.”

9. Gran Torino/Up

gran torino1

“An old bitter man in changing times befriends his young Asian neighbor, who helps him overcome his cynicism and dislike of people after the death of his wife.”

10. Cast Away/Terminal/Apollo 13

cast away1

“Tom Hanks’ flight doesn’t go well.”

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  1. I’ve never seen anyone compare Avatar to the Little Mermaid.
    Ferngully The Last Rainforest or Pocahontas always seemed like closer comparison to me.

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