Insterstellar Explained in One Giant Sized Flow Chart (Spoilers Ahead)

Interstellar Explained

The reviews are in.  In fact our own David R wrote his piece entitled “Interstellar: A Nolan Sized Mess” yesterday.  For those of you that have seen the film, this flow chart might uncover some mysteries you did not uncover for yourself.  Then again, it might make you even more angry at the film.  And for some of you, you just might like the film even more.

From what we’ve read it seems that the universe is almost split on their opinions of Interstellar.   The range goes from “this move was way over the top and made no sense” to “this was Nolan’s best film of all-time!”  I’d like to stay out of it….for now.  We’re just enjoying how many theories are coming up online.  This particular flow chart has been making the waves so we’d like to know what you guys think of it.

Obviously you’ll have to click the photo to enlarge it.

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