A Better Christmas Tree Than Mine

“Falalalala la FUS-ROH-DAH!”

I keep seeing these Skyrim dragon figures popping up everywhere. What the hell kind of special edition did you have to buy to get them to give you a full-on dragon? Whatever it was, I would have bought it so I could have an amazing Christmas tree like that. The angel atop my own tree just didn’t have the capacity to breathe fire, and is therefore a lot more lame than Alduin here.

If we zoom out, will we see that the lights are powered by magelight? That Daedric and Dwemer forged ornaments on the rest of all the branches? At least they’d be more resistant to shattering.

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  1. Husband got skyrim for Christmas. I’ve played it more than he has, so I can say I pretty much love it as much as the next guy. Would not put a dragon on my tree. I don’t eve like the stuffed Vader I let the kid put on the back of it. I like a star at the top and decorations that look like Christmas. Expl. Santa Clause, snow men and candy canes. Anything else seems …. wrong.

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