A 15-Foot Tall, 8,000 Pound Exoskeletal Suit Made For Racing

Sometimes called a mecha, a mech is supposed to be a mobile robot controlled by a human pilot. Generally speaking, mechs can be distinguished from normal vehicles by the fact that they are based on either humans or some other species, though it should be mentioned that the term can encompass other designs as well. Regardless, Moreover, mechs can be distinguished from powered exoskeletons by the fact that mechs tend to be piloted, whereas powered exoskeletons tend to be worn.

Primarily, mechs remain in the realm of science fiction. The exact reasons are complicated, but can be summed up as a matter of practicality. Simply put, the design of the human body isn’t meant to perform well when scaled up to the sizes at which mechs are supposed to operate, meaning that the technologies capable of making mechs would produce much better results when applied to a more reasonable design outside of fringe uses. However, this assessment isn’t including the fact that there are a lot of people out there who find mechs to be very, very cool, which is why there are a surprising number of parties pouring their resources into making mechs anyways.

What Is the Furrion Prosthesis?

For proof, look no further than the Furrion Prosthesis, which is a huge machine that comes in at 8,000 pounds. Amusingly, the mech is supposed to have been designed for mech racing of all things, which is a rather odd but nonetheless potentially interesting choice to say the least. Supposedly, the Furrion Prosthesis is capable of moving at 20 miles per hour as well as leaping 10 feet in height, but since the video that showed off the machine showed proof of neither claim, interested individuals might want to take them with a grain of salt. Regardless, those who are interested in mechs should check out the video to form their own opinion because regardless of its specs, the Furrion Prosthesis is certainly a very interesting concept.

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