’90s Cartoon Characters All Grown Up



Many of us here grew up with some sort of attachment to one or more cartoons on Nickelodeon or elsewhere, be it Rugrats, Hey Arnold or more. Artist Celeste Doodles certainly did, and has come up with a series with takes the children from these shows, and has them grow up into vaguely stylish 20 somethings. I’m not going to use the word “hipster” here, as it’s been bandied about so much it doesn’t even make sense anymore. These are just people wearing clothes.

Anyway, most of the cast of Rugrats and Hey Arnold are featured, along with Pepper Ann and Kiki from Kiki’s Delivery Service for some reason. Curiously absent is the cast of Doug, but I suppose that’s been done a few times at this point, Check out the rest of Celeste’s pieces in the gallery below:

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  1. Yeah, without their younger selves right next to them I doubt many people would look at the picture and say “is that Helga?” I guess Pepper Ann is fairly distinct but I never even watched that show. Since when did puberty solve football head syndrome? And I’m pretty sure Spike should either be a taxidermy or an urn full of ashes…

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