Kevin Spacey Impersonates Al Pacino In Front of Al Pacino

It goes without saying that Kevin Spacey is a hugely talented actor, but many may not know that one of his abilities includes a mean Al Pacino impression. One so good it’s actually legendary within Hollywood. On Letterman, Dave asks Pacino if he knows about the impression, and Pacino says yes, but he doesn’t think it sounds like him.

To put that to the test, Letterman trots out Spacey to do the impression live. Spacey doesn’t actually say two words in his own voice, and instead goes full Pacino for the duration of the clip. Obviously the impression is pretty great, though it’s just a touch awkward to do an impression of someone who just said that they don’t like it. “They love it!” Pacino says, referencing the audience, while seeming to imply that he still does not.

In any case, it’s a hilarious clip and one of late night’s better moments if you’ve missed it so far.

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