The United Nations of Married with Children

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I may have grown up in a time after I could appreciate Married with Children, which is possibly why I’m just finding out the show is a huge international phenomenon. It’s common practice for other countries to try and adapt other nation’s shows, but apparently there are no less than THIRTEEN other version of the classic Al Bundy-led sitcom out there.

I found the full list in this thread, and have assembled almost a United Nations worth of Married with Children adaptations from all around the world. The Eastern Bloc and South America are particularly well represented, though I think the only one that gets close to the original Kelly’s hotness is Russia.

Check out the full gallery below, and if I’ve missed your country’s version, let me know.














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  1. You forgot the brazilian, look for “A Guerra dos Pintos”, literally ‘War of the Dicks’. Pinto is a common surname here, but at the same time…

  2. @ Mark Jr – same amount of people as the original, family of4 plus 2 neighbors..

    as for Paul, your comment on Russia having the only Kelly that matches Original Kelly’s hotness…the picture does no merit but Argentina’s Kelly (Luisana Lopilato fyi) is ridiculously hot, so hot that I want to punch myself in the face (what?!, hotness lead me to violent burst, don’t judege me)
    like vicky said, Michael Buble is one lucky guy for marrying her..

  3. I love how stern the Germans are.

    As for Russia’s Kelly, I must say that she’s not the Kelly on this list that I found most attractive. She’s pretty, sure, but many of the others are pretty as well, and at least one is prettier. Taste really MUST be subjective, I guess.

  4. In the Argentinian version, the woman at the right an the man at the left are the neighbours. The actress playing Kelly is Luisana Lopilato, actual wife of Michael Bublé.

  5. Oh I remember the German version! Horrible! 😀
    And it was a complete disaster.

    But there were MANY reasons for that, as I learned just recently from an Interview with the German Al Bundy, looking back at the show.

    They had to copy EVERY detail from the original, as forced by the US studio.
    – They had to shoot on a set almost identical to the US version. Which means a 80’s american household was supposed be accepted as a 90’s German household by the viewers – it just looked wrong and phony!
    – The German version aired on German televison while the German-dubbed original was still on the air on another channel!!!! On the same days mostly!! – with exactly the same plots, roles, furniture, etc. …

    So of course nobody wanted to see it.
    But I gues the actors still did an okay job.

    But just don’t get me started on the German “IT Crowd” !!!!!
    There is one!
    But that abomination only lastet like 2 episodes… THANK GOD!
    Same story there.. same plots, somewhat identical characters… but ooooooh did it suuuuuuuuuuck!

    Maybe you could check if other nations were that insane to start their own show based on the UK original… 😉

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