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Arrested Development Posters 5

With Arrested Development’s return less than two months away, we’re already starting to see the first hints of a marketing campaign rolling out for it. Which is more than Fox ever did for the show when it was airing…

This series of posters was just released on the official AD Facebook page, and feature a bunch of classic props from the show that correspond with specific characters. I like the blank one that’s simply…orange.

One of my major concerns with the new series is that the show will be TOO reliant on inside jokes from the older episodes without moving forward. I get that’s what the show does, but I feel like it could overdose if it’s not careful.

Check out all the posters below:

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  1. So like when this show comes back…can all the fans just shut the fuck up about it already?

    Seriously sick of people telling me how great it was. I tried…went through a season…it wasn’t that great.

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