4 Embarrassing Ways Most People Would Die in an Apocalypse


Our entire existence is a house of cards right now, and if some dude from the 5th dimension beams in and zaps out the bottom layer, we’re going to be screwed in so many more ways than you ever dreamed of when Skynet tried to nuke everyone so that the world could be a peaceful graveyard full of Schwarzeneggers that stand around and look menacing, or whatever it is that Skynet’s endgame was.

See, you’re not going to live to be killed by an advanced T-1000. That’s utterly preposterous. And no one will even have time to zombify, probably. You’ve got a whole mess of other issues to look out for that are probably going to kill you and yours before anyone can even declare the apocalypse official.

Check out 4 embarrassing ways most people would die in an apocalypse

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