15 Amusing Twitter Photos of Arnold Schwarzenegger

Despite all of the craziness surrounding him after the whole “maid child incident” there will always be a special place in my heart for Arnold.   I mean as a person, it’s hard to have that much respect for him anymore.   But as someone who has accomplished what he has in both the political and entertainment realms is something to be recognized.

Plus I don’t think we’ll ever have an action star who is as badass as he was in the 80s.  It’s just not going to happen.   The Rock has tried but he just doesn’t have it like Arnie did.

So what’s Arnold up to now?  Oh nothing.  Just posting funny pictures to his Twitter Account.  Seriously.  Here are 15 choice photos I thought you’d all like.

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  1. Favorite pic has to be the trio of badasses.

    You’re right, there’s nothing quite like Arnie nowadays. For one thing, the action stars these days speak American.

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