Enormous Godzilla Made Of Straw Appears In Japan


Just when you think that Japan can’t amaze us enough, here’s a massive Godzilla that’s entirely made of straw to feast your eyes on.    Kotaku reports that in order to make the fall harvest, over 150 volunteers built this rice straw Godzilla. From design to construction, the whole thing took about four months to finish. JCast reports that the statue measures 7 meters (22.96 feet) tall and has a 10 meter (32.80 feet) long tail. It’s even outfitted with LEDs in its eyes, dorsal fins, and tail.

One thing that people have failed to mention so far is exactly how flammable this thing is.  Thankfully it’s located in a relatively open looking area but can you imaging lighting a match near this thing.  I still don’t entirely know the reason this thing was built (in order to make the fall harvest?  what does that mean?) but I just know that it’s not often you see a 23 foot tall Godzilla made of anything let alone straw.

Check out more photos below:







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