The Amazing Sci-Fi Art of Adam Burn

Adam Burn Art 4

It’s rare that I feature an artist who isn’t drawing some specific piece of pop culture, but I could pass up this opportunity to feature the work of Adam Burn, which was sent to me by reader Adam Bordelon.

He’s a digital artist based in the UK, and has done some of the most badass sci-fi art I’ve ever seen. Much of what you’ll see here is concept art for various books and video games he’s working on.

I’m not sure how much hiring someone like this costs, but damn, would I ever love to have Adam do some work for my own book. It would be rad to have him be able to bring the characters and locations to life. With how talented he is though, I may not be able to afford him.

Check out the rest of his phenomenal work below:

Adam Burn Art 15


Middle click to open each picture in a new tab.


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