10 Ladies You Want to Play Video Games With

This isn’t even an excuse to put up attractive girls.  Seriously, it’s not.   I’m pointing out a fact I shouldn’t admit to here.   When it comes to most manly stuff in my life, I’d really prefer it if women weren’t allowed.  It’s not be sexist or anything.  It’s just that men and women are extremely different when it comes to things like sports, beer, movies, tee hee, everything!

But when it comes to my video games.   Watch out.   Get out of the room and leave me be.   Unless you are really into games and I have to believe that you are, then don’t even bother.   I’d like to think the following females are into the games as much as they are attractive.

Unfortunately we’ll never know but at least we can enjoy the dream…..

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  1. This is the stupidest post. Really, I would have expected better. You don’t want women in your “man activities”, except that there are A LOT of female gamers and sexist attitudes like yours are why there aren’t more!

    And posing with a controller in your mouth just screams “attention getter”. No serious person that actually likes games does that. This is just a gallery of girls posing with gaming items to garner men’s attention. Which I guess worked.

  2. Gotta agree with Lisa and Andy. I know it sucks using this blog as an outlet to rail against the media portrayal of women, but it gets kind of ridiculous after a while.

    The one with RE4 and PS2 stuff looks like a genuine fan, as does the Guitar Hero one. Hell, even the Rihanna one is just like “Hey, trying this out is kinda fun.” The rest, though, is just “NOTICE ME, BOYS! Associate me with your fun hobbies, because I have no personality for you to enjoy otherwise!” Which I guess is alright for most guys.

  3. There are more girl gamers than you think, but most of them do it simply because they enjoy it and thus are not posting pictures of themselves felating wiimotes to get “likes” on Facebook or whatever. That said, I never say no to sexy pictures. The third girl is wrapping her lovely arms around Hellsing and Death Note manga, along with a motherfucking Godzilla toy and PS2 awesomeness. Unless that is her boyfriend’s room (and given the sexy metal boy collage in the background, I don’t think that’s the case), you can’t fake that kind of nerdiness. She wins. Commence ironic “Call Me Maybe” chorus.

  4. Real gamer girls don’t take slutty pictures with controllers. 😛 When involving the controller we are to busy using it than taking pictures with it. The way I got attention from my guy friends is actually talking about the subject and I am very passionate about video games. Also I spent hours hanging out with my friends and play random games. ^_^

  5. More than half of these wouldn’t know how to play video games.

    Only #3 #5 and #6 seem legit.

    #7 is probably no more than a casual gamer, which is almost the same as not being a gamer at all.

    The rest with the Xbox 360 stuff are just posing for attention.

  6. I wanted to say something about this, but the ladies who’ve posted have pretty much said it all for me. Oh, and J5? Pro-tip: Don’t belittle the concerns of a certain group unless you BELONG to that group. Otherwise you just come across as just another insensitive oppressor.

    2nd pro-tip: The term “butt-hurt” is used exclusively by fools.

  7. people who dont think women are into video games should get out more. ive had assholes i dont even know tell me that I dont take videogames as “seriously” as them. I’m so glad my boyfriend isnt as into games as I am, because he is more likely to not think im as dedicated as he is. just because im sexy and have many other hobbies. xD I also think sexy and videogames don’t do well together in photos. maybe because im a straight female. also because of what this article says.

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