The Bizarre Body Art of Choo-San

What to do when you’re a talented artist who can paint almost photorealistically? Why, put it on people’s bodies of course.

This series of artwork from Choo-San is a little outside the normal of what we feature on the sight, but I certainly think it’s “unreal” enough to qualify despite not directly referencing a pop culture franchise.

The art ranges from mildly cyberpunk to the flat out strange, and I think you’ll love some of the designs. Or at least be incredibly creeped out by them, which works too. Gallery starts below:


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  1. I almost called photoshop on the “fat guy – belly busted” picture because it looked like he had no bellybutton. Look close and you will see it is incorporated into the second button from the bottom on the upper right side. Case and point – this guy/girl artist is TALENTED!

  2. I wouldn’t say photo-realistic, real life isn’t nearly as shiny, and the shadows aren’t nearly as dark. You can pretty much tell right away that it’s paint/makeup/whatever.

    While there is some serious talent here, this artist’s style belongs on canvas, rather than people. Unless they learn to kill the contrast quite a bit.

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