That Guy Actor of the Week: Bruce Kirby

I’m surprised that we’ve never featured Bruce Kirby on this site yet.   I guess that’s exactly why this column exists.    Kirby is the kind of actor who you don’t necessarily remember all that much after you see a film or television show but he always plays characters that sort of “need to be there.”   In the movie Crash he played Matt Dillon’s father who was a crucial part of who Dillon’s character was.

In Stand by Me he played a clerk at a deli.   By the way in that movie he played a character named Mr. Quidaciolu, which is his real last name.   Kirby is just his Hollywood name.  In any event, Kirby’s got 135 titles to his name.  His last appearance was in 2009.   Kirby is pushing 75 so perhaps his acting days are behind him.

Unfortunately we don’t have a clip of Kirby but I think you guys know who he is.

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