10 Imaginary Inventions that Need to Exist


Ever have an amazing idea that just seems so simple and obvious yet it doesn’t exist?  You just can’t believe that the world doesn’t offer you this product or option in life.   On the one hand, you might actually do something about it and give it a shot.  But most times these fun thoughts remain as dreams and never turn into a reality.   What ideas are we talking about?

Let’s have a look after the jump….










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      1. Nothing. We vote for parties not people, so you wouldn’t be able to throw out the candidates like suggested here. I guess it would create a huge debate as to why it happened, since blank votes have never been anywhere near the majority.

          1. We have a prime minister. When you vote for the party you also vote for the parties candidates. Each party has a priority list of candidates, you can change this if you want. F.ex. putting a candidate you like at the top or removing a candidate you don’t like. If a party gets f.ex. five seats the top five candidates for that party gets them.

            If one party gets the majority of the votes their leader (typically the nr.1 candidate) becomes prime minister. Most of the time a single party will not get the majority and multiple parties must form an alliance to create a majority. It has happened that a smaller party gets the prime minister position over a larger parties in a coalition as part of a deal.

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