That Guy Actor of the Week: William Ragsdale

You might remember him from the classic 90s show Herman’s Head.    At least that’s where William Ragsdale got his big break.  Actually you could argue his first big break was in the sequel to Mannequin though that movie and Herman’s Head were being shot at the same time.  Anyway, I think any of you who were old enough to remember are probably familiar with Ragsdale’s face.

Honestly I had pretty much forgotten about him until I recently saw him in an episode of Touch.  What I didn’t know is that Ragsdale has actually kept himself pretty busy over the years.  He’s got over 50 titles to his name and he’s still going strong landing bit parts on television and in movies.

But I’m not sure he’ll ever reclaim the fame from Herman’s Head.  And that’s why we’re sharing a clip from that show after the jump….


A decent concept and the show lasted for four seasons.

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