10 of the Most Iconic Hats from Movies Sold at Auction


Ever watch a movie and think to yourself. “that’s a memorable hat?”  Well, Picollecta put together a great list of notable movie hats that were sold at auction (and for how much).  Enjoythis list of ten of cinema’s most famous screen hats ever sold

10) Dudley Moore’s ‘Arthur’ top hat


Few people have worn a top hat in the bath better than Dudley Moore. His performance as a loveable wealthy alcoholic in the hit 1981 comedy ‘Arthur’ made him an international star, and earned him an Oscar nomination in the process. His screen worn hat from the film sold at Profiles in History in 2012, for a sum of $22,500. (Image: Profiles in History)

9) Laurel & Hardy’s hats


Laurel and Hardy established the perfect formula for a comedy double act, and honed it to perfection during more than 100 films. They successfully made the crossover from silent films to the talkies in 1929, and are remembered today as slapstick pioneers of the highest order. A pair of the duo’s screen-worn hats sold at Bonhams in 2013 for $18,750. (Image: Bonhams)

8) Harpo Marx’s top hat and wig


Harp Marx may not have said much, but he played a mean harp and could cause comedy chaos wherever he went. The silent Marx brother’s famous costume was always the same – a trenchcoat, a wig and a battered top hat. One of Harpo’s screen-worn hats, complete with a built-in wig, was sold as part of the Debbie Reynolds Collection at Profiles in History in 2011, for a price of $45,000. (Image: Profiles in History)

7) Fred Astaire’s top hat


Hollywood history doesn’t come much more iconic than the top hat worn by screen legend Fred Astaire during his most famous feature film – called ‘Top Hat’. Featuring classic songs by Irving Berlin, and perhaps the best-loved dance sequences ever committed to screen by Astaire and Ginger Rodgers, the 1935 film remains a true classic. Fred’s hat sold at Heritage in 2006 for $6,572 – a paltry sum, considering a top hat worn by Britney Spears sold for $7,500 a few years later. (Image: Heritage Auctions)

6) Malcolm McDowell’s ‘Clockwork Orange’ bowler hat


If you’re off out for an evening of ultra-violence, it’s important to get dressed up. Alex DeLarge and his gang of Droogs certainly looked the part in Stanley Kubrick’s notorious 1971 film, with Malcolm McDowell becoming one of the most stylish anti-heroes in screen history. His bowler hat worn during production sold at Guernsey’s in 2008 for $8,000. (Image: Guernsey’s)

5) Margaret Hamilton’s Wicked Witch of the West hat


With her green skin and pointy hat, Margaret Hamilton set the standard for silver-screen witches. As the aquaphobic nemesis for Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz she portrayed one of film history’s most iconic villains, and her famous hat sold at Profiles in History in 2010 for $200,000. (Image: Profiles in History)

4) John Wayne’s cowboy hat


Few men have ever worn as many cowboy hats as John Wayne. The Duke appeared in more than 185 films in his long career, and his screen-worn memorabilia is now highly valuable to collectors. In 2011, a hat worn by Wayne in three films – Big Jake, The Cowboys and The Train Robbers – sold at Heritage for $100,000. (Image: Heritage Auctions)

3) Oddjob’ bowler hat


Oddjob remains one of James Bond’s more stylish adversaries, with a smart bowler hat that can take the head off a statue at twenty paces. As worn by Harold Sakata in the 1964 film ‘Goldfinger’, the steel-rimmed hat was made by British company Lock & Co. and sold at Guernsey’s in 2008 for $110,000. (Image: Guernsey’s)

2) Charlie Chaplin’s bowler hat


Charlie Chaplin’s ‘Tramp’ character is among the most iconic in film history. His hat and cane are still instantly recognizable, 100 years on from their first appearance in the 1914 film ‘Kid Auto Races’. One of Chaplin’s bowler hats, worn heavily from use is several productions, sold at Profiles in History in 2011 for $110,000. (Image: Profiles in History)

1) Indiana Jones’ fedora


Regarded by many as the silver screen’s most famous hat, Indy’s fedora survived Nazis, Thuggee cults, snakes, ghosts and even Shia Leboef. The hat worn by Harrison Ford during the filming of ‘Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull’ sold in an online Charitybuzz auction in 2010 for $19,500. (Image: Charitybuzz)

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