10 Facts I’ve Learned About Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer


I’m relatively new to the whole Call of Duty scene, as I’ve mainly been a Halo guy the last few years, but after a month of playing I’ve learned some pretty indisputable facts about the game, and I’ve chronicled them below. They’ve been discovered through a lot of yelling, cursing and nearly throwing my controller through my TV.

I love the game, but people need to follow certain unwritten rules or else it severely curtails how much fun everyone else has. But since when do people on Xbox Live give a shit about anyone else? I’m just a NOOB after all. Anyways, see what I’ve learned, and let me know if you agree or think I missed something.

1. If you use akimbo shotguns, you are a douchebag.


They’re so overpowered, it’s literally a glitch in the game, and every time I see a shaggy sniper sprinting around Overpass with these, I want to reach through the TV and beat his head like a snare drum with each one of his shotguns.

2. If you got a tactical nuke, you are either cheating or camping.


Look, if a 25-0 kill run and subsequent tactical nuke occurred once in a blue moon, I might be less skeptical, but when a solid 10% of my games end this way, I start to get suspicious. This is part of the primary argument that most people make when they say that COD rewards camping. And it does. It clearly does. Really the only way to get these high level killstreaks, outside of being virtual Jack Bauer, is to sit in one dark corner, and quietly pick people off all game with some sort of silenced weapon. If you are moving around the map, the chance of someone not killing you randomly from behind at least a few times is almost non-existent. Fortunately, for campers, this is why corners were invented.

3. Scrambler is the worst perk in the game.


They should just call it the “Hey guys, I’m coming!” perk. Once your radar goes fuzzy, you know to be on the lookout for an enemy very nearby. Sure it masks their shots, but if they can see to shoot at you, one of you should be dead before it should even matter. And when he’s using this perk, it’s usually him.

4. If you stay at level 70 forever, you are a douchebag.


Sure, dick around with your newfound AK for a few games, but this is why Prestige mode was invented. It’s just lame to permantly have all of the best guns and equipment ever all the time, so I’d say after about 10-20 games, it’s time to move on.

5. Sniping is lame, because I can’t do it.


There is nothing more frustrating in this game to me than A) being sniped, or B) trying to snipe. This is not the games fault per se, but god damn do I hate it. I hate click to breathe, I hate no one-hit kills (most of the time), I just hate all of it.

6. Killstreak rewards are the most unfair thing in the world, until you get one.


Killstreak rewards are kind of bullshit, let’s face it. It’s like if you were playing Super Smash Bros. and your friend is kicking your ass so badly, the game sees it fit to reward him with a giant crate full of hammer, hearts and stars dropped directly in his lap. It makes about the same amount of sense in Call of Duty, as terror is raining down from the skies in the form of a Chopper or AC-130 being piloted by a man who already has 15 unanswered kills under his belt. BUT, when that man is you? It’s one of the most fun things in the world. If I was better at this game, I think the trade off would be worth it.

7. The riot shield is fun for a grand total of three minutes.


I’m sure there are a multitude of advanced riot shield team tactics, but it’s more or less useless for the average player. I’ve so far never seen anyone make it through an entire game playing as a shielder, as they always end up annoyed and change class by the end. When I first started playing the game, I used it and got about seven kills in a minute because people didn’t know how the hell to kill me and I beat everyone’s ass down. That was short lived however, as everyone soon discovered the dreaded “step to the side” technique that the shield doesn’t have an answer for.

8. If you use the grenade launcher rifle attachment as your primary weapon, you are a douchebag.


It’s not skill if you have Danger Close on so when you launch a grenade if it lands within a football field from someone, it kills them in one hit. Sure, there’s a little bit of trajectory physics involved, but it’s mainly for people who don’t have the hand eye to shoot people with a red dot. But yes, this is coming from the guy who doesn’t have the hand eye to shoot people with the sniper scope.

9. There are far too many ways to make your profile reference weed in this game.


It’s one thing if you make your Gamertag ChronicBluntman. It’s another if you make your clan tag 420. But did Infinity Ward really need to include what seems like a dozen Callsigns that reference weed? “High Times” “Blunt Trauma” ha. ha.  It’s funny until EVERY SINGLE fourteen year old playing thinks he’s being cool by using it.

10. The most satisfying feeling in any video game ever is successfully killing someone with a throwing knife.


In all my years of gaming, I don’t think there’s anything that feels quite this gratifying.

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  1. I disagree completely with the prestige mode argument. If there is no incentive for me to go back to square one, then I’m not going to do it. That’s like asking someone who just hit 80 in WoW to go back to level one just because you can.

  2. I’m gonna start rolling a ‘Knife Only’ setup once I get setup with my 360 again. If nothing else but for the fun of just running around knifing everyone in sight.

  3. I agree with you Venro, I use to do the same in soldier of fortune on the PC. Rolling around throwing knives at people is awesome, especially when you manage to kill someone and end their kill streak. Besides, it’s a great sense of accomplishment when you’re always being awarded the, “most knife kills” medal.

  4. i’m glad you caveatted your “sniping is lame” with “because i can’t do it”…

    and the grenade launcher is fun, so if you’re playing to have fun, go for it. it’s a game not work.

  5. I totally agree with you especially the akimbo. I’m quite new as well mainly gears and half life 2 before but certainly a lot of douchebags on live. Unfortunately i don’t think you article will make a difference but appreciate someone else out there feels the same.

  6. I have to say, the grenade launcher with danger close is one of my favorite classes, because when you’re playing against a bunch of homophobic douchebags and a 3rd level Prestige 13 year old, nothing is as fun as nailing them with that and hearing them get so pissed off at something so stupid especially if you manage to get a bunch of impact kills on them. Also, the knife kills are soooooo very satisfying, especially if you pull of a bouncing knife kill even if it was accidental.

  7. @Uncoolaidman:

    Actually, when you go Prestige, you get an extra custom class and it opens up additional titles, emblems, etc. You know, more ways to show the world how much you love weed… lol.

  8. I rage quit this game about a month after release, for pretty much all the reasons above (including the glitches before they were patched). This game encourages and rewards the worst kind of douchey, cheap behavior and strategies I’ve ever seen, and it just was not fun AT ALL. Spawn trapped in Domination on Afghan? Check. Spawn killing on High Rise? Check. Tactical insertion to get nukes, which are only 25 kills to get? Check. Not doing any objectives and just camping to get nukes? Check.

    So much fun. Yeah, right.

  9. i disagree with the nuke argument. the reason it happens so much is cause any idiot with harrier, chopper gunner, nuke on can get it by stringin together a six kill streak with hardline on and hoping the other team is to dumb to shoot down there rewards

  10. Perk kills don’t tally so your wrong it’s damn filthy campers! Dude I am lmao! You nailed it, plus when the guys with dual akimbo shotguns are running they look like tards!

  11. I rock ass with the shield/throwing knife combo. just duck down, wait for them to reload and either throw the knife or charge at them and bash them to death. Marathon/Lightweight/Commando.

    “Who’s the faggot using the shield? Why don’t you play the game the way you’re supposed to you fucking faggot!” DERRRRP!

  12. i dont camp, but i have gotten the nuke 1 time and had 22-24 killstreaks about 30 times with an acr and a spas shotgun. i run around within reason and watch all around me. I find camping to be harder because, of course, you can always see where i kill you from. and if your like me, i love to chase down campers

  13. i not quite to level 70 yet but when i do ill stay there for a while just to finish of chalanges that require a few more kills. like the kill streak and perk chalenges where i only need to use for a little while long. still use guns ya get earliy in game though.

    i totally agree with how annoying being sniped or shot with grenade launcher attachment.

    also i’v only been nuked like 6/7 times total. no where near 10% of the time.

    scrambler is ok if hidden decent cause then enemy cant find ya with minimap easily

  14. 1) agreed

    2) It doesn’t happen to me that often, but I play mostly Hardcore Team Deathmatch, so eh. The people I know who would get it didn’t really camp.

    3) Yeah, it is kind of a “Whoa, look out for someone” deal, but again, on hardcore you’re not looking at the minimap too often because it’s hardly there.

    4) To each their own.

    5) If you hate no one-hit kills, play Hardcore. Easy. I snipe sometimes if that’s the groove I’m in. It all depends on the moment.

    6) If they’re getting the rewards, you just gotta shoot their asses down. The game is about teamwork and such too. A couple well aimed rockets/javelins can take that stuff down.

    7) Shields in hardcore are better. One-hit kills with a shield bash. You can rock if you do it right.

    8) Yeah, that’s generally the idea. I’ll only use a grenade launcher if I have no other attachments for my assault rifle.

    9) I agree, it’s pretty ridiculous. We like to ingrain a love for killing and drugs into our youth.

    10) I equipped the throwing knife for a few rounds, but i kept forgetting that it wasn’t an explosive, so I just changed it back to semtex, so I’ve never gotten a t-knife kill. I do the same thing when i forget that my sniper class has claymores.

    If you want to play some hardcore, look me up: Xin666

  15. I agree with just about everything on this list except sniping. It takes some getting used to, but is very fun when you get it, especially having sniper duels on wasteland. I hate akimbo shotguns, especially the models because the range is so unreal. Akimbos are supposed to reduce your accuracy and range, but for some reason the models have increased range in akimbo, STILL!!! Ill get killed 100 feet away by the akimbo models when in real life, that douchebag would be picked off in a second. By the way, you forgot how cheap commando is and how douchebags run around maps stabbing people using tactial knife on the pistol, plus lightweight, plus commando. I mean do you really need that much help in a game? It’s like needing your mom to hold your hand everyday to cross the street when you’re A FREAKIN TEENAGER OR OLDER!!!! I just get aggravated at how the game is supposed to be realistic, but is quite far from it, especially when someone is allowed to lunge 20 feet for a knife kill, shoot ridiculously far with akimbo shotguns, and survive a sniper rifle bullet. Thats the biggest load of shit I’ve ever heard. I rely on skill alone to win instead of using cheap handicaps.

  16. I play with knifes only, got me my marathon, lightweight, and commando pro, with the m4a1 heartbeat sensor, 44 w/ tac knife, and throwing knife. I have played with this alone for probably 2-3 weeks. I have gotten plenty of killstreaks, up to 29. I have, at underpass FFA, gotten a 29 kill streak using predator, harrier, and pavelow, and of course my knife. Next game, 22 killstreak at scrapyard using the same stuff. I don’t camp, I don’t snipe, and I don’t do any of the stuff that the author is whining about, yet I still get plenty of crazy killstreaks, I have gotten a few nukeable killstreaks, but I don’t equip that.d

  17. go search dagrsealteamsix on YouTube, and see my pretty damn epic throwing knife kills. There are a ton of them, and, I must agree, getting those epic throwing knife kills on the killcam is so damn epic, love the reactions I get.

  18. Whoever said that perk kills don’t count is wrong.

    Perk kills gotten by a CARE PACKAGE don’t count. But if you earn 7 kills, the subsequent harrier kills DO count. Thus, it’s not that hard to get Harrier>>>AC130>>>nuke.

  19. Dude, I disagree with you on all of this. I play this game night and day, and it sounds like you hate the game because you suck at it. You hate everything that OWNS you. Step it up

  20. Why does everyone cry about camping? It’s one strategy along with the running around-like a crack head-knife guy strategy….part of the fun for me is not knowing who is around what corner or how they are playing…there’s no crying in COD!!…I sometimes enjoy the long shot with a scope ( not snipin..I agree sniper rifles suck in cod!) and you can’t do that without a little camping…besides if you can get more than 1-2 kills camping than you are not playing with serious players …so cumbaya baby! and watch out for the crazy knife guys…man they piss me off….

  21. The only way you can get Nukes without being a glitching, noob tubing spaz is by sniping, that takes skill though to stay hidden..
    BTW, you missed kill cams – the most retarded idea ever (especially for snipers)

  22. I’ve gotten a nuke about 4 times, not by camping. It’s all about the killstreaks. Harrier Strike, Chopper Gunner, and then Tactical Nuke. If you’re any good with the Chopper Gunner, you can get like 30 kills.

    By the way, CherryCrack is my name on PS3, add me.

  23. you need to rethink you comments, some of them are rightfully true such as the akimbo shottys, the riot shield, and the noob toob. but every thing else is what makes mw2 probably the best game out since counter strike. if you can’t play it like halo then suck some d, heres some news falling off a cliff and no scoping someone is retarded and should never happen in a game of any sort. kill streak REWARDS are rewards, so get good and get them don’t cry, you can combat them by staying inside(or camping if you want to call it that) and according to what you say, you should be able to end the game by doing so by getting a nuke. Or you could nut up shut up get good kill whoever you see and get rewarded for doing so and continue to dominate kids who think there good and then end the game on your terms, seeing how most of the people on your team suck so much dick they should be playing halo like you

  24. whoops forgot one part, if someone likes to smoke weed and think there cool enough to make it public for everyone to know, then so the fuck what!? Let it be, let them get high and play, let them get rocked by people who have faster reflexes, ITS A GAME not a sport. thats why you can’t wear a fucking badge in any major sporting event that says “I smoked 6 blunts before I entered this event”. Get over yourself and play it. Can’t wait to see you on xbl play friendly =)))))

  25. I think it’s funny, most of these are true, except for the nuke thing. I’ve never gotten the nuke because I REFUSE to camp, I can’t stand those little bastards, but I have also never gotten nuked, mainly because if I find someone camping, and they kill me, no matter how many times I die, I’m going to get that prick!

  26. I agree with the commando comment…Seems like injecting halo into the game….though for realism ghost recon and rainbow usually pull it off well… GRAW2 was amazing other than the accuracy of the weapons 🙂 seemed a bit high. also nobody really plays team-like in cod run and gun..

  27. i agree with the shotguns, they are massively overpowered and suck big time in this game. A sniper running around with two of these – just rubbish, it is a big clitch.

    And yes, this game does reward campers massively as well.

  28. @everyone

    I’ve loved the response to this article, which I can sum up as “You suck so you’re whining.” Really, the only two people really seem to disagree with is the nuke and sniping ones.

    1. The nuke – Yes, I realize it is possible to get a tac nuke using killstreaks, but winning a game 30 to 1 is either a ridiculous amount of luck or you are camping. If you are actually moving around and playing, the sheer chance that you’d never be shot in the back even once to interrupt that streak is astronomically low.

    2. Sniping – It should be clear from the title of that one “Sniping is lame, because I suck at it.” that I’m pretty much joking. I’m summing up everyone’s frustration when they get killed by snipers, even though yeah, it does take a lot of skill to pull off. My biggest problem isn’t the aiming itself, it’s the amount of patience required to sit in one damn place for so long.

    In reality, I’m not actually not that bad, considering I’ve only got about two months of playing time under my belt. My k/d ain’t great, but it’s positive, and I’m usually always in the top one or two spots on my team for kills. If you want to hate on me for writing this, that’s fine, but I think you all should probably take it a little less seriously.

  29. I hate the fact that Infinity Ward made this game with seemingly only one goal in mind: make it easy enough to play that it can be moderately enjoyed by untalented noobs, who have never played or excelled at a cod game,

    They ruined it. I ate people alive in cod4. Talent was worth something in that game. Mediocrity got your ass slaughtered. The way it should be. As a competitive ‘e-sport’ this shit pile, mw2, doesn’t even compare.

    And lol at the author complaining about snipers. The click to hold? Sorry there boss, this game doesn’t need even further dumbing down. You just wanna point and shoot? Go play Halo. I wish about 2/3s of the mw2 community would do the same.

  30. Sniping, if you’re good, doesn’t require you to it in any one place for all that long.

    Besides, any sniper worth their salt is spending most of their time tending to a fleet of claymores, rather than actually sniping (thanks half-baked scavenger perk).

    God this game sucks so much. I’d go back to cod4 in a heartbeat. It’s a shame there’s so very few people playing it these days, because I’m pretty sure the consensus is that it’s a much better game. Wish that translated into people going back and playing it again.

  31. And finally… it’s not that hard to get a nuke. 7 kills for a Harrier is easy enough. Maybe two more with your gun and two with the harrier gets you a chopper gunner. After that? If you’re able to find a secluded spot on the right map, you’re almost guaranteed a 25 kill-streak. I don’t even use the nuke, because it’s a waste, but it’s not that hard.

    That said, IW, needs to either nerf either that or the tac insert perk out of game types with private chat. Cheating losers can’t handle it. IW was stupid enough to think they could. It’s now January and FFA has pretty much turned into cage-match for boosters. Really well done morons.


    Sniping is teh gay cuz I fail so hard at sniping! hur hurr
    And you shouldn’t stay at lvl 70 guyz nuh uh cuz i said so and its the cool thing to start ALL OVER just because i decided anyone who doesnt is a douche hurr hurrr hurr.

    Maybe you’re the douche, you douche.

  33. You forgot about lightweight/marathon/commando faggots and that 95% of people who play this game are stupid enough to just blindly run out into heavy fire and hand the other team points.

  34. Ugh, knifers. I hate all of you. Granted the game let’s you play that sytle but there is nothing f’ing modern about running around with a damn knife. The fact that the perk system lets you run at the speed of a super human and then teleport across the map with commando is rediculous. Knifing should be something you pull off now and then when you come up behind some sorry jackass, not the best way to wrack up a huge kill streak. The other thing I hate is noob tube spam. I don’t care if you use it now and again but when you equip scavanger and just reload yourself and spam the map it pisses me right the hell off. Akimob shotguns used to be my other big peeve (let’s just stop and talk about akimbo weapons in general for a second here. Anything above pistols was a needless and stupid idea. Again, how is running around duel wielding anything modern?) but since the patch you don’t see it much anymore. However you can use a couple attachments that actually make the range and accuracy better then before the patch with the damn model’s. Sometimes I just want to ask the developers wtf they were thinking with some of the design choices of the game. However it’s still an f’ing awesome game which says quite a bit.

  35. I agree with some of this, but the nuke argument isnt completely true, I’ve got 4 nukes (I only started using them this week) and I didn’t camp for one of them, granted I was sniping for of them except one, which I guess you don’t agree with, cuz you suck at it.

    However, i agree with 1, 3, 4, 7, 8 and 9.

  36. In this article: Halo fanboy complaining about how a broken, non-Halo FPS is both unlike Halo and broken.


  37. I honestly do not see what is wrong with camping. Sure, I hate it when I get killed by someguy just waiting behind a corner for someone but 80% of the time you can just go back to that spot and chuck a grenade in a kill him.

    But the best tactic in the game is to camp for a kill or two and then go to another camp spot. That takes alot of knowledge of the maps especially to string spots together. The people who complain are the same people who complain about every other thing in the game that may give a player an advantage. But without advantages all games would be ties.

    There are 3 (with exceptions) Types of player:

    Shitty campers: they stay in the same spot and get killed by the person they just killed because they dont move.

    Players who “refuse to camp”: these can range from people running around like headless chickens and dying alot to people who are very very good at aiming and shooting quickly and get lots of kills but also quite high deaths.

    Camp and movers: They get 1 or 2 kills from one place where they are very hard to kill and then move to another one of these places. Hard to do well but the best in most shooter games use this tactic as there is usually a very positive k/d spread.

  38. Good article, like most of the people in the comments, I agree with some points (akimbo shotguns) and disagree with others, but I think you should add another..

    #11. If you just want to improve your K/D, play Team Deathmatch. Don’t play games like sabotage or domination that have an objective if you’re not going to try to complete said objective. I’m so sick of getting into a sabotage mission where people constantly yell to not plant the bomb or let the other team defuse it.

  39. Sniping in this game takes no fucking skill… It’s the easiest fucking thing in the world… can’t believe you can’t snipe… Ah well, got platinum… sold that piece of shit. K/D = 3.44

  40. i totally agree with everything you said. but in reality all the things you said are part and parcel of multi MW, camping, sniping etc, etc. BUT they really need to patch akimbo shot guns right outta the game, they suck they take absolutely no skill to use and are imo unfair. PLEASE IW GET THEM OUT OF THE GAME!!!!!!

  41. i agree with everything on this list except one, the tactical nuke. i can get tactical nuke every game if i wanted, and im not a camper whatsoever, i never stay still at all unless im calling in some kind of air support. even if i have 10 kills, i will still run around the map jump off roofs and shoot people. and so far i am the only person who does this, cuz i have never run into ne one who is good and does not camp, besides myself. u can ask the people i play with. they are always wandering where i am on the map, and im the only one on my team that is across the map in enemy territory running in circles killing them. i do agree with u do when it comes to other people, cuz when i see a gay with 0 deaths, i think to myself “that guys in the game? how come i never seen him” haha
    btw, i dont use nuke ne more, i think its for people who want to think they are all that, to me nuke=7 kills. and i use emp. 🙂 its better ne ways. cuz my party can get more kills that way.

  42. Great article, filled me with lol’s

    The killstreak thing is SOOOO true.

    He admits his thing about sniping is silly, but CoD sniping is silly, maps are too small.

    I don’t agree with the prestige thing, as I don’t see the point of prestige in this game. But, I can see his reasoning.

  43. to writer you forgot if you place this game religiously or say its a good game your a bro (hence the name Bro of durty :modern gayfair2)

    and also no one older than 7 plays this games

  44. There is no cheating in online console gaming. There is no way to be cheap in online console gaming. Getting good at a game amounts to a mix of skill and exploiting the game, and the only reason people get pissed and think things are unfair is because they lose. Believe me, I lose a lot. So if I find something in a game that helps me win, I’m gonna use it as often as possible and to hell with what everyone else thinks is fair. So what you think detracts from your fun in a game is exactly what makes it fun for others. What makes you so important that others should stop doing what you think is unfair? Piss off and quit your whining.

  45. COD especially MW2 is the most fun multiplayer you can play BUT it is so fucking dumbed down that if you get 11 kills then you’ve basically got a tactical nuke and ends the game. Usually I end up with a Manchester 10 year old going on about how good he is but he just camps in the same place with cold blooded, silenced weapon and scrambler. And I’ve also learnt that MW2 ISN’T built for small TV’s! I played about 20 hours of MW2 over Christmas at my cousins house and he got a 50inch HDTV for his 21st and then when I got home and started playing on my 14inch TV I was useless! Becuase I found out how MW2 is supposed to be played! MW2 + Counter Strike = the best FPS multiplayer game ever! MW2 = the most fun but ruined FPS multiplayer ever! Counter Strike = the best FPS multiplayer ever but needs to style up a bit more and get more modernized like MW2!

  46. Cold Blooded neutralizes almost all killstreaks. Killcam neutralizes camping. Running around knifing is as bad or worse than camping. The most effective and lowest tech loadout in “modern warfare” is a sprinting Kenyan with a knife? Please. But marathon, lightweight, ninja pro and stabbing them in the back is very gratifying.

  47. First of all dude, snipers who use akimbo shotguns are not douchebags they’re smart for thinking that instead of carrying around a pistol which takes five seconds to kill close up just use two shotguns which takes half a second. Second of all, you can get major kill streaks without camping you just have to know how to play the game, always check your corners and don’t run around like a retard in the middle of the map and always look behind you just in case you think someone is following you (usually someone actually is) i always get the sixth sense accolade for this reason and usually i get juggernaut too. And honestly i don’t use nukes because they’re for queers, i want to play the whole game through for everyones satisfaction and mine, not just end it abrubtly and screw everyone else’s chances for having a good game.

  48. The guy who posted above me is a COMPLETE waste of genetic material. I’ve never even seen this game (seriously), but I understand how bad game mechanics can totally ruin a game (PvP “balance” in WoW, anyone?) To the author: They’re not going to balance this any more than it already is, so either play in the pool, or take your ball and go home. Sad but true. It sounds like they ruined an otherwise really fun experience by making it easily accessible to douchebags.

  49. When I play as riot shield on Domination I consistently end up with one of the top scores of the match, even though my kills may be less than others. Also I feel my win percentage with me using a riot shield all match vs. without in domination is way higher. I disagree with that one completely.

  50. more than sniping or grenade launchers, the one, and without doubt the most piss annoying thing in the whole of this game is……..

    the amount of annoying kids playing it..

    its a f##king 18 rated game, so why are the majority of people who are racking up week after week of constant use, kids?

    thought it was illegal to sell a game rated at 18 to a minor??

    Goes to show that most parents around the world dont give a shit what little jimmy does in his bedroom.And that game stores are seriously breaking the law. Maybe a nice hyped up media storm might highlight it. ( though it probably wouldnt get rid of any of em.)

    If you had to register your game , then we could maybe have an enjoyable game without the twats such as “anon” who posted above.
    An yes, this is because i get killed an awful lot. and no i cant put in 20 hours a day practice, thats not a game its an addiction.
    very close now to binning this.

  51. its not a fact if you bitch about you not being good, a fact is if you said that the shotguns are overpowering, not a glitch. what if someone wants to be level 70 forever? not everyone is good enough to do it over and over again, some people just want to enjoy the game. it seems all you want to do is get an easy victory. go play spec ops.

  52. 1 ) Yes Akimbo shotguns are the most retarded thing in the game. Dual wielding shotguns is ridiculous in itself.

    2 ) I don’t mind the tactical nuke, and there is nothing wrong with camping. It’s part of the game. If you don’t like it, then go and kill them.

    3 ) I thought the same thing. That perk just lets me know that somebody is around and wants to die.

    4 ) There’s nothing wrong with staying at level 70. You said it yourself, it’s a game. Some people don’t want to start everything all over and re-unlock all the weapons. They just want to use all the weapons and have fun with the game.

    5 ) Sniping is actually really fun. Get better at the game.

    6 ) I personally don’t find anything wrong with the kill streaks. If you can’t get the kill streak, then that’s your problem. The only problem I have is getting put onto a shitty team halfway through a team deathmatch and having a helicopter and harrier jet in the sky shooting you down the second you spawn in. It’s unbelievably annoying and hurts my k/d.

    7 ) I don’t find anything wrong with the riot shield either. If you are good with it then you can get a good kill streak going. If you’re a noob thinking that you can run around and destroy everyone, well you’re in for a surprise.

    8 ) Noob tubes are the devil’s invention and if you use them, you will get AIDS. I always get my kill streaks ended by some douche bag shooting grenades into the sky like a retard and they always kill me.

    9 ) Let the stoners have their fun.

    10 ) I thought the throwing knifes were a glitch when I first started playing, then I laughed my ass off when I saw the game winning kill cam end with a throwing knife. They are so much fun.

    You forgot to mention the douche bags that use commando and knife people from over 10 ft away. They basically glitch teleport in front of you and knife you when you are clearly shooting them in the face. Also, the bullet penetration in the game is retarded. Some kid shot me through 3 ft of concrete with a pistol and somehow got a head shot. It was the game winning kill so I got to watch it over again :\ . I know I’m complaining a lot, but I have a 1.20 k/d ratio and I always have a positive k/d after a match. Infinity Ward just tried making this game playable to everyone and they ruined the experience for people who actually have skill. It’s not hard to run around with a lightweight/marathon/commando pro and rack up ridiculous kill streaks.

  53. 1. akimbo shotguns is not a glitch, it’s simply something you have to learn to overcome, try using a flashbang, or some claymores, or being sneakier. I do admit i hate getting blasted by double shotguns but it’s not exactly a game changer.

    2. yes some people do cheat to get nukes, and yes some people do camp to get them, but if you can’t kill someone who’s camping when you know they’re camping then maybe you’re just a completely skill-less whiner. This is definitely a gross over statement. It is completely possible to get a nuke by just being somewhat sneaky and playing intelligently. In actual warfare how many people run around aimlessly with out cover hoping to see someone first, or run into a room with out checking all the corners.

    3. yes scrambler is pretty terrible.

    4. I just hit 70 for the second time and i plan on getting all the achievements for my very inaccurate but fun to use ak.

    5. all i heard here is akin to, I suck at basketball so I’m gonna talk shit on everyone who plays and the game in general. Sniping is fun it just takes a little more precision, and tactical street smarts.



    8.yes noob toobers are total douchebags, but think about it, you have to unlock yer super awesome useless ass shotgun attachment.

    10. yes throwing knives is a grand old time, i just got my 150 throwing knives kill achievement. good old time.

  54. So people like you complain about all of the stuff this game provides simply because you most likely are not good at games like this, go back to your “eve Helen Keller could play this game” halo games that provide absolutely no tactical skill. What a waste of time post you just made.

  55. I agree with much of the sentiment in the article actually. Whilst there is an element of debatability as to what constitutes a game flaw and a player flaw, the overall gist of the experience is pretty well nailed on the head.

    I would personally add that I really don’t like the way the sniper class works in this game – it feels way too arcadey for my liking (bunny hopping around with nil/quick scope hip shooting with a 50 cal barret is just plain ridiculous!) and the lack of being able to actively use the supports for your MGs or Snipers somewhat spoils the realism element in what is otherwise an excellent FPS shooter.

    Oh and the fact that there’s ONLY servers for this game based in the US for Xbox players… if you’re in the oceanic region it’s infuriating to be battling constantly lag, even on otherwise excellent connections.

  56. I really hate people with marathon and light feet perks that go around stabbing everybody. It takes all the fun out of the game and really pisses me off. The soldiers in the game just look like douches running around all prissy. Oh yeah, they also have that knifing perk. Really frustrating.

  57. agreed with entire article except the sniping (which I suck at as well) and prestige bit. Sorry but as much I fucking HATE the akimbo 1887, they earned it. Prestiging takes forever. If dont want to use shitty weapons then just stop playing or keep going.

    Myself personally, I’ve grown to hate this game now. That why I plan on getting Bad Company 2 so campers pretty much won’t exist since you can just cave the building on them.

  58. Here are a few things for me in Modern Warfare 2, No order, just points to note:

    1. Using the term douchebag makes you seem like an annoying 10 year old boy, gets on my nerves.

    2. Grenade launchers are to overpowered – True, but using them when there is 2/3 guys right next to each other is good tactics. Using it to kill one guy in partial cover – also good tactics.

    3. People die by a grenade launcher for the first time in the game and they will yell “Dam tubers”

    4. “Tubers” will often be low level 20-30 range as that is how they can get kills. Their weapons need a ton of lead into a 50+ to take them down.

    5. Snipping is just dam annoying because it is easy on some maps to just do that and others can not get a look in.

    6. Some maps with guys running around super fast knifing you all the time is just annoying.

    7. Being there at a spawn point and killing 5 guys in just a few seconds is super cool.

    8. Spawning with a guy there killing you 3 times in a row – NOT cool.

    9. PC Match Making is crap! Get 5 people 50+ and the rest lower and to have 4 on one team and only 1 on other (includes prestige players) is just gay.

    10. Hacking on the PC version is getting out of hand and spoiling the game.

    11. See a hacker and it is a hacker and not just a good player – Say it in chat. Say you just reported them. They will leave the lobby at the end of the game and move on to the next victims.

    12. You can get 25-0 kills. Have kill streak reward reduction, kill to get a drone strike, take out 2/3 guys and then you get a chopper or what ever. You and that kills a few more guys and you get 10+ kills. You then find a corner and unleash hell in a plane.

    Idiots do not or can not take cover and you use all 3 weapons effectively as the others load and grab another 10+ kills. You either have or with just a few more kills after get to 25+ kills.

    I agree though, if you see it constantly during an evening then a hacker is on the loose.

    13. When you go shoot someone and watch them warp to the left to avoid it and shoot you then you just got owned by a hacker.

    14. Throwing a knife and killing someone is just way to satisfying.

    15. Running around knifing people is lame but when you do it, it is oh so satisfying.

    16. On the PC, the host has to much of an advantage a lot of the time. There are no hacks to make sure your the host and people take advantage of this.

    17. Ping hacking on the PC seems to be on the increase so some apps out there are bypassing VAC better now.

    18. This is the most annoying online experience Ever.

    19. This is the most fun online experience Ever!

  59. Great article man and I agree with essentially everything………..Even if I do do some of the things you don’t like (grenade launch), hell i dont like them either but if everyone else is doing it I have to survive

  60. how the hell this made front page digg i dont know… in short you need to learn to play. whining because better players kill you makes you a douchebag IMO. only 1 maybe 2 of your points are valid the rest come form your lack of experience/skill

  61. i agree with everything except the nuke, sniping, and prestige. a nuke is not that hard to get if u can get harrier and chopper gunner.the hard part is getting the harrier without someone shooting you in the back.once u have the chopper gunner its cake.unless ur on a map that has buildings everywhere and the chopper gunner makes a retarded attack pattern(skidrow,invasion)

  62. I agree with just about every part written. One thing is that if somebody is lucky and they have harrier strike, ac130/chopper gunner, and nuke equipped they could get the nuke without camping. It’s hard but not impossible. But I do agree that 99% of people that get it are campers since 99% of people in the game are campers.

    for #1, at least they fixed the model 1887’s. I believe they’re 1/2 range and 1/2 dmg now which is better.

  63. I’m sorry, but I think this article blows. It might be just me but the only reasonable points I’ve seen was #1 and #8.

    I mean reading #1 was funny, then it just went down hill from there.

  64. its not a fact if you bitch about you not being good, a fact is if you said that the shotguns are overpowering, not a glitch. what if someone wants to be level 70 forever? not everyone is good enough to do it over and over again, some people just want to enjoy the game. it seems all you want to do is get an easy victory. go play spec ops…

  65. Damn good list(especially agree with the bit about campers). And for all the people who accuse the author of “whining because he has no skill”, get over your feelings of inadequacy that come with the notion that someone might actually dislike something that you’ve vested so much time into because…..*gasp*….THEY JUST DON’T CARE FOR IT(honestly the only way * what I’m assuming are* full grown men could be anymore immature is if you just said : Nah-nah-nah-nah-nah, youuuu just suuuck. You’re not a XxH@Rd X-CoRe nOoBxX slayer like meeee, so you’re just jealous! *sticks their tongue out*.

  66. why do people hate killstreaks, when i get 11 kills i want to be rewarded, and its not the games fualt for the campers its the people, same with the noobtube, dont take it out on the game, the game is fine it is the players that ruin it

  67. if they have a harrier shoot it down or even a chopper gunner, make an anti aircraft class as i would call it, i have one that has

    sticky grenade(dont really need)
    smoke(dont really need)
    scavenger(so i can pcik up more rounds if i happen to miss twice)
    coldblooded(so they dont see me and i can run out and shoot it)
    ninja i think(so anyone with a thermal will have trouble seeing me)

  68. This is probally the worst thing Ive read in awhile, so much that it made me post a comment on it, which I rarely do.

    The article is just one glorifed crying post, the title should be change to “10 Facts why I suck at Modern Warfare 2, and Im a whiney little bitch”

    If someone has a nuke they are cheating or camping. What kind of bullshit is that, just because you suck so much and can’t achive a 25 kill streak automatically means that every other player in the game that can achive this makes them a cheater. I have played this game online for a total of 48 hours now and only 2 out of the may games ive played did i witness a nuke, none of which were camping and in everygame where there are campers, they have weak scores.

    Snipinging is lame, because you cant do it. Even more proof that you are crying cause you suck at the game. You even confirm it from what you say.

    Your presteige comment is the point where this posting lost what little crediabilty it had to start with. Its is a persons personal decision if they want to presteige or not. Not everyone can sit on their ass all day and play a game so they dont have time to unlock guns they already did 10 times over. Just reinforces the fact that you are a bitch at the game and cant handle a player who has access to more weapons then you.

    Even though you are an idiot, i do agree with your thoughts on the weed names, its imature and not needed. Im surprized there hasn’t been a outcry from enraged parents that the game is promoting drug use. But it also means that Infinity Ward is aware that alot of the people who play there game are pot head teenagers.

    All in all, you need to Grow up and instead of crying about the game, either practise more, or just stop playing, its a game and no one is forceing you to play.

  69. Number 10. What a cunt throw. Bullshit, just like random grenade throwing and grenade launcher as primary weapon. Douche bag doesn’t mean anything to us in England. If you use the word cunt that’s a better description, but you already knew that cause you are one.
    Wanker, prick, cunt, twat, pedo.

  70. “# Paul Tassion 10 Jan 2010 at 10:34 am
    I’ve loved the response to this article, which I can sum up as “You suck so you’re whining.” Really, the only two people really seem to disagree with is the nuke and sniping ones.
    1. The nuke – Yes, I realize it is possible to get a tac nuke using killstreaks, but winning a game 30 to 1 is either a ridiculous amount of luck or you are camping. If you are actually moving around and playing, the sheer chance that you’d never be shot in the back even once to interrupt that streak is astronomically low.”

    Uhh watch your fucking back and you won’t get shot in it. Any player that actually knows how to play knows to watch their back, because you can’t trust your “teammates” to. It’s the mark of someone who knows how to play, aka me, versus someone who sucks, aka you.

    And another point. In real war, in real life, there isn’t much charging without forethought, people sit, aka camp, and plan out strategies, wait for enemies, etc. It’s not like you’re just gonna go run and gun, that’s a stupid way to die, and you don’t need to camp either, just don’t be stupid and learn where people will be.

  71. I read through about half the comments until I started feeling sick to my stomach. I’ve heard things about MW2 fanboys, but I didn’t really understand the seriousness of it until now. It’s satire boys. the entire list is a JOKE. He wasn’t being serious. He was actually making fun of the majority of you and by the comments I read, he was pretty dead on. You people are sad. I love video games as muxt as the next guy, but there comes a time when you have to stand back and take a look at yourself when you take a game this seriously.

    What’s worse is that you elitist jerks think you have some kind of say on how the game should be played. None of you are game moderators so why don’t you shut up and play the game your way and let others play the way they want. That way everyone has fun. If they continue to make you look bad b/c they aren’t playing in a way that makes you win, find another match and try again. Either way, it’s not your place to decide how the game should be played.

    I would tell you all to grow up, but I doubt that most of you have had your nuts drop, let alone a single pube grow. How about you all just stop acting like idiots.

  72. The excuse that camping is a strategy is a weak cop out. I have no issue with it for one maybe two kills, but in my opinion, players who camp the same couple spots for the entire game, simply are cowards and have no skills to go head to head with other players. If you want to camp, then use the sniper rifle and then at least you are legitimate because it takes some skill, but it doesn’t take any skill to simply stand in a dark corner and knife or shoot someone in the back when they run by. The multiplayer game is designed by nature to be a run and gun or strategic movement game, not sit in one spot, pitch a tent and wait for people to run by…..

  73. @ Spanky, I didn’t see any sarcasm in the list because every point he made was a legitimate one….Elistist?? Please. How about just wanting to actually HAVE FUN playing the game as it was intended. I’m not by any means a video game fanboy of any game or system, however don’t ruin my fun and the fun of every player who believes in a fair fight, just because you are too lazy or can’t handle a legitimate head to head match. The fastest gun wins, thats how its meant to be played. I win some, I lose some, but at least I know I didn’t have to sit in a corner the entire game or use some cheaters exploit to give myself an advantage.

  74. The article makes some valid reasons as to why this game is for beginners or causal gamers, and as to why beginners can own on mw2. However, the real reason that this game has major problems is its lack of depth. Its cover system is weak because either you get shot threw cover or someone knifes you from behind, so there is no cover system. Assaults and smgs lack real stopping power in close quarter combat, and you can’t really lead your shot with a sniper rifle. And the most important option of switching your assault rifle or smgs fire mode to single or auto is missing. What is the point of having an acog if you can’t switch the fire mode to single fire. I mean that is just lazy on IWs part to let something like that slip by. That alone could have made this game the greatest shooter of all time.

  75. This is the most awesome list of bull shish that is always being done in the game and i agree that a lot of camping and i mean ALOT of camping is going on in this game they should make a time limit to be set in a game for staying in one spot to long for certain modes of play or at least make a mode just for that. That would make this game better and also some of the respawn is totally bogus because you respawn right around the corner from the other team or right beside them sometimes….but ur list is 100 percent correct

  76. 1. @ Spanky….my nuts dropped….right to the back of your throat….

    2. I don’t know why people think camping is so prevalent in this game…that’s what you have a damn kill cam for…WATCH IT !!! If your getting blasted by people running around with Akimbo shottys, then change your tactics, and don’t run around after them because they probably have lightweight as a perk and will outrun you. As far as the gun mounted grenade launchers go….just deal with it, in order to unlock the undermounted shotgun and getting Mastery of weapons people have to use them.

    3. If all else fails Paul Tassi, mabey you should write a letter to Infinity Ward, and ask them to reprogram the game so it better accomodates your abilities (or lack there of)

  77. Wow. Most of these were taken right out of my mouth. I shall now critique or elaborate on your points (I have a PS3 so my view might be a little different):

    1. The new update for PS3, as I am aware, made the akimbo Model 1887s not be able to shoot across the map like they used to. So now I disagree with the whole douchebag thing on this matter. However I will admit that I want to smash my TV every time someone kills me with akimbo shotguns.

    2. This is very commonly true, and when I get killed 5 times in a row by the same person and see that he was in the same spot every time, I want to find this person and destroy their PS3. However, because of the vast amount of kills one gets with killstreaks, it is not uncommon to get a Nuke without camping. (Harrier+Chopper Gunner=Nuke)

    3.We have the exact same view on Scrambler. “The here I come perk” LMFAO. Its so true. There have been countless occasions where I have been much more alert because of a Scrambler is near by which resulted in me killing them.

    4. Sorta agree with this one. You make a good point. I’m trying to see if it would be better if they made it so you would automatically prestige as if you ranked up.

    5. Disagree because I am a pretty talented sniper. But when I started COD4 and I sucked at sniping, I would totally agree. It also pisses me off when I get sniped too.

    6. I disagree. I think one should be rewarded for doing good. But I understand how you feel because I was a noob once as well.

    7. LMFAO TRUE TRUE TRUE. Nothing to add.

    8. Also very true. I get so pissed when people use noobtubes. I only use them to unlock shotgun attachment, which I only want for the Mastery. I feel like shit and I apologize after I use it.

    9. HAHHAHAHAHAHAAH. I KNOW! “I’m so cool cause I got High Command, etc…” FAGGGGGGS

    10. LMFAO AGAIN. This is one of the truest ones. When I went through the ‘Throwing Knife phase’, we all did, it was sooooo satisfying to get one. I cant even describe the amount of satisfaction I get.

    Conclusion: GREAT POST. I disagree with some but you say you area noob and that is probably why.

  78. I guess I’m one of those rare people that doesn’t have a complaint about the game. You can camp, “Noob Tube” ( I hate that fuckin’ term. Sounds stupid as shit), use nukes, I don’t care. I’m going to get on the game, play whatever way I please and make some kills. Basically I’m gonna have fun, and say to hell with all these SOB’s that want you to play by their unwritten rules. FUCK THAT! I didn’t pay 50 bucks to have some 13 year old suburban asshole give me shit for stabbing them in the back. If you want to impose all sort’s of rules on the game, play a private match.

  79. FUCK CAMPERS! 90% of douchebags in this game do it, why?? Is it the maps? What is it that makes camping such a necessity in mw2 while in cod4 there was little to no camping ever! I just do not understand.. if they were to put the cod4 maps into mw2 would that make camping, disappear?

  80. Wow, most of you are morons. I’m new to the series, and couldn’t possibly care less about any of this whiny bs except the shotguns, but still if that’s how someone wants to play, so be it. Its a video game, its not supposed to be real, and just like sports, if there is a way to cheat, people will exploit the hell out of it. The anonymity of the internet make it easy for a 12 yr old pre pubescent child to talk shit to a man, or men they have never seen. It is what it is guys, just enjoy the game for what it is, or trade that bitch in.

  81. Liked the initial article and the majority of the replies. Actually read and enjoyed most of the comments which makes me think the author of the article has at least provoked an interesting discussion. Ultimately i think it shows the people that piss you off are the ones that kill you most. The games set up so certain classes have an advantage over others. Id like to play the game a certain way but someones always going to try to bend the rules to get an advantage. I have the most fun running and gunning with an assault rifle but get pissed of when i get taken down by a sniper from across the map or have a landrunner stab me from behind or any other number of half-baked strategies ie akimbo weapons. Ultimately i think its reasonably well balanced except for the bladerunner/hold a carepackage grenade bullsh#t which is just retarded and not in the spirit of a FPS. As for campers, watch your killcams and they wont last long. And all hackers should be shot with a real gun. And dont take games seriously, i think the guy was mostly just joking.

  82. I agree with most of your points. I am actually selling my game, I get more frustration than pleasure out of playing it. It sucks, I reload at the most inopportune times. Same with switching weapons, I end up getting shot while switching. I hate campers. This alone is reason for me to sell the game. The double shotguns, another reason. I shoot a guy from behind, and he turns around and wins the gunfight. My knife attacks always come in second place when the other guy is knifing. What really pisses me off is the people who are just way too good. Some guys are able to aim, shoot, and kill so fast, like they are shooting from the hip, but they are not, they are just good. What it really boils down to, is that I suck at this game, and all it does is get me in a bad mood. Oh, and mid-throw with a grenade, you guessed it, I die. Fuck this game.

  83. About the nukes:
    Ive gotten all of mine in hardcore headquarters matches… where it doesn’t do one very good to camp. You use silenced weapon with heartbeat sensor, cold blooded, and ninja. When there’s a headquarter, look at you map, see where your team is, and then you know where the other team must be, and where they’re headed. Flank them, and if you don’t suck they won’t ever see it coming.

    Obviously you DO have to find a place to hide while using your chopper gunner, otherwise you’re just an idiot.

    In short: You can somewhat easily get a nuke without “glitching”, camping, or nube-tubing.

  84. I think you just lose to much in this game and got tired of playing, so now your just naming all of the top reasons you die. Why not try using a Noob Tube or try camping… Either play MW2 and Stop complaining. Or go back to Halo =D

  85. Nice post, I agree with some points. Thing that’s pissing me of in the game at the mo is the fucking nuke cheaters, having a mate on the team or in free4 all and using tac insert kill tac Ins kill.. Etc I either leave or spend whole match hunting them down to fuck them up. It jus ruins a decent evenings gaming. Fkrs

  86. The majority of you are missing the author’s point. I can laugh along with every one of his points and even agree with them.

    First off, I have a KDR of 1.64 so I would like to think I don’t suck and I will bitch about all the ways I hate to die 😉

    I am a run and gun, or knife rather and that’s how I’ve always played so I hate campers, but they are part of the game. That’s their style and they’re here to stay. I have tactics to deal with them.

    I hate snipers but I have a sniper class and know how to use it. I hate snipers that use thermal but that’s part of the game so I don’t get too worked up.

    I hate the akimbo shotties. GAY GAY GAY. No skill huge hit box gay arse shotguns, but they have a role in the craziness that is MW2. Tactically, they make a good backup weapon for a sniper. I personally have never had one let alone two of them in my screen so I’m not adding to the gayness there.

    I can’t stand the unsportsmanlike conduct I see going on after each match. Is it too hard to compliment the losing team? Here’s a little trick you trash talking pricks aren’t thinking of. If you slaughter the other team because they suck (or you sat in one spot all game or spawn-camped them) AND THEN YOU CALL THEM NO SKILL PUSSIE NOOBS THAT NEED TO TAKE THE GAME BACK TO WAL-MART AND GET A REFUND, they are going to leave and you won’t get to get those easy kills over and over again. Compliment them, maybe even make a friend or two and they will probably stay in the game. They could leave and make way for a clan of LVL 10 prestige veterans that will make pussy noobs out of you.

    Lastly, this one will definitely catch me some heat. I’m a knifer. Yes, I’m a Marathon Pro, Lightweight Pro, Commando Pro and sometimes care package-carrying pro knifer. That’s my answer to all the things I hate getting killed by. I’m forever in the other teams spawn confusing and disorienting them making them mad and throwing their gameplay off. I do not use the care package for CTF or other games, just TDM. If you’re gonna camp or snipe, I’m gonna get you. I just like the thrill of knifing. One hit kills. Throwing knives. Getting behind you and giving you the business. I think Chris Rock put it best, “Anyone can shoot at someone from across the room. It takes a real man to get in close and stab somebody.” Most people hate knifers but hey, there’s ways to deal with me too, and you don’t even have to create a new class for it.

    In summary, the author is not whining because of a lack of skill. He is merely expressing some dislikes which are generally shared by the majority of players, and joking about it which by my account is the most adult way of going about it. But who’s an adult on MW2 anyways? Aren’t you all like <14?

  87. camper haters…. Getting nukes is not about camping. This is because when you camp, the guy that you killed will come back for revenge, and eventually get you, messing up your streak.I just started playing more “intelligently”, and notice my kill streak has improved quite a bit. I wont go into all the details, but other people have mentioned what i mean by intelligent playing. Its not about camping, but i do believe its about being silent, sneaky and accurate,ie knowing where the spawn points are, listening, anticipating more etc. To be accurate you have to first get out and practice. That means getting out in the open with an assault rifle, or quickscoping with an intervention, and not really playing intelligently… :D…I actually have 2 accounts, one for being ramboish and the other for trying to play for the kill streaks… dying a lot at first, but getting more and more accurate over time. Eventually you will acquire more kills/less deaths per match as you play, and your shooting will improve, with any weapon. Then you will be unstoppable when you play “intelligently”, and get them nukes!!

  88. i agree completely with you about your argument on what you’ve learnt whilst playing COD 6. Have a pat on the back becoz im on ur side and completely agree to what you’ve said! ty for typing this blog up! =)

  89. This article has inspired me to take an early lunch from work, to go play some CoD.

    Sure there’s a lot of shitty things that happen in the game, but that’s the game. You like or you dont, who cares, even when I get a noob score of 5-15 I still have fun throwing knives & having at least one random badass kill during the match.

  90. I forgot to add, as much fun as I have in the game, fuck camping. F it in the A.

    Seriously, if you plan on camping during a match, dont forget to bring your maxi-pad.

  91. Everybody uses perks, and plays the maps differently. You just have to try to adjust on the fly if you are getting your ass kicked. When MW2 first came out, it was all about flanking and drawing quicker, but since it has been out online gameplay has evolved. Players find the strangest places to hide, and tend to try to get kills with style, e.g. knifing your blindside. I tend to get annoyed by the latter, but as soon as I am aware of them i try to counter by using tactical insert and an mp5k with commando. I win some and lose some. MW2 is still the only game in my xbox right now, and will be for awhile.

  92. Lately my most hated thing about MW2 has been hearbeat sensor and thermal, they are just so cheap. I mean how bad are you when you have to use an attachment that either tells you exactly where an enemy is if he is whithin longshot distance of you, or replaces the enemy with a walking neon sign. I don’t know why IW put this in the game and I hope they keep it out of the next Modern Warfare it’s just garbage.

  93. I just gotta say some things….I absolutely love number 9. Agree with it 110%. Sure having a title or two about pot is fine but….4 titles and an emblem ?! Honestly, it makes me think Infinity Ward has a number of potheads working there. And to make matters worse, there’s always that stupid pot head and his friend who just go on the whole game talking about weed.

  94. yea i’d have to say there is a perfectly sound argument that prestiging is for douchebags. engaging in an e-peen contest with other 12 year olds in an internet game at the expense of fun is about as lame as it gets. i prestiged once and it wasn’t fun. i regretted it immediately. i got to 70 again and i’m going to stay awhile, maybe forever! funny thing is, it doesn’t matter what prestige someone is, they can suck just as hard as a noobie. prestige simply means “i have more time than you” or “currently unemployed” or “i need friends”

  95. knife dicking- as i call it, is the best aspect of this game and one of the only ways i play. And anyone who bitches about it just sucks. think about it. you have an automatic machine gun and yet you’ve been looking one direction or haven’t checked your back, that sounds like camping to me… and if your running and a knife dick catches up to you from behind, its a god damn TEAM DEATHMATCH get some cover tell your team whats going on. the two most underrated aspects of this game is team work and stun grenades. i say that cuz everyone has them but 90 percent of the time you’ll die before you get to use them and when i get flash banged or stunned i realize im pretty much fucked. more people should use both. the key in using them is to not run in like a retard as soon as you throw it. and also throwing knifes are awesome, especially for the knife dick class, that way if anyone is far away from you, you have a 1 in 100 chance at least of getting them. also while im here a quick word about akimbo shotguns. fuck that shit, put me in with anyone with akimbo shotguns and ill beat them with akimbo G18 machine pistols. God Damn those things rape.

  96. one more thing, if someone camps and kills more than one guy, there are going to be more than one guy after him. so he’s pretty much fucked unless he moves 20 feet and waits in a different spot

  97. @Ryan

    I am not going to be constantly doing 360 circles during the game just to look for someone running around knifing. If i here a swipe i will turn around, but it is impossible to have a 360 view at all times, so it follows that there will always be a blindside that someone can exploit, so to say someone sucks for getting knifed is just false.

  98. dude, i agree with every single thing up there, now u need to add how ur a douchebag if u use the AA-12 and striker, and i like how all of the campers r disagreeing with u cuz they dont know how theyre being gay, it takes no skill to kill someone who doesnt see u, i went 14-0 at skidrow and i probably ran around the map at least 10 times, thats skill

  99. I agree with many of you:

    1. Marathon / Lightweight / Commando is
    a. Not modern (I have yet to encounter someone in real life who can lunge 20 feet through a stream of bullets and kill someone; nor have I seen anyone that can run faster than the i can turn my head to aim at them)
    b. Heartily gay, lacking talent, made for people who are morons

    2. Akimbo – when a shotgun that was made in the Old West can win a 100 ft duel with a modern M16, there is an issue. Infinity Ward is no Bungie in this situation. At least Bungie is heavily involved in their playing community and would most likely say: “You’re right, there is nothing modern about 1887s or Rangers being duel wielded in an open-area firefight. Such behavior in a real war would result in death almost immediately.”

    3. The numerous pot references. Nice life.

    4. In response to Spanky, the reason people get annoyed and frustrated is because there are many fans who want a more realistic modern war game. If they wanted to run at lightspeed, lunge 20 feet or have endless stamina, they would play Halo. Perhaps it is annoying to create a game so close to being what many of us are looking for, yet adding in a handful of “what the hell are these” features.

    Any easy solution? Make the game as customizable as Halo 3 is. Allow me to join a playlist that disallows Marathon Lightweight Commando knifing, Grenade launchers, and akimbo shotguns…you could name it “Real”

  100. How many ways can people whine about one game? If you don’t like it play something else and leave the people that are having fun alone. I don’t camp,nuke, or tube but I can care less if someone decides to. The only worthwhile comment to read is from The Ladiesman because it is well put. Time to get off here and on MW2 now so have fun crying folks.

  101. i only started playing recently and i have no idea how to throw a knife or drop a nuke. i’ve played about 4-5 rounds and i either get nuked before i get my first kill or get dominated by these players who seem to carry better weapons and have every UAV imaginable. they should do a better job matching games with player skills because there is no incentive right now to play online with people whose reaction to my question, “how did you get a tactical nuke?” is “are you serious? nobody tell him”

  102. 4 things that really piss me off about this game.

    1.) I HATE THE SHITTY SPAWN SYSTEM. Seriously, I’m on a good 4-5 killstreak and then, out of the blue, some painkiller douche bag spawns either behind or next to me.

    2.) Commando is the most cheapest perk in the game. Anyone who uses it can go fuck themselfs.

    3.) Join servers that are A. Laggy, B. That justEnded (espcially in search & destroy) C. So much fucking air support in the air.

    4.) They really do need to make either Harrier strike weaker or make attack helecopter stronger. Seriously, both require 7 kills in a row yet harrier is more effective? Bullshit.

  103. I have only 4 gripes with mw2.

    1) stupid spawn points: You kill an enemy and he gets to spawn right behind you earning a free kill…

    2) Maps – in mw1 the maps were made very well. There were no camping spots because every potential spot had a giant weak point. So even if one tried to camp, they’d get owned. That’s not the case in mw2 which is what annoys me.

    3) akimbo shotguns – the stats lie for that combo. They are supposed to have low range but in game they are excellent at mid and they are one-shot kills making them more effective than assault rifle type.

    4) Kill streaks. Some of them are fine but the upper tier ones are just retardedly overpowered. I always pack an anti-air support (lock-on launcher and cold-blooded perk) role but it’s no match for a pavelow or ac130 that kills 5 or so people in the time it takes for me to down it. Fortunately I’ve managed to halt kill streaks with that load-out but it’s a pain in the ass to deal with.

    Admittedly number 2 and 4 are things that can be avoided and worked around i.e player skill based. But 1 and 3 need to be seriously patched: Akimbo shotguns need damage or range nerf and spawn points need correcting. Otherwise, the mw2 mp is on balance pretty fun and rewarding.

  104. I Saw many guys saying that AC130’s and Chop.Gunners really ruin the balance of the game,and give every noob the chance to nuke.
    That is not very true.
    Like…Get your Chop.Gun. on Skidrow.You will likely get 4 kills max,

    The AC130 Is not much if you have cold blooded and you have the XP to handle it.
    Equip the Stringer missle,(fire both of them really fast)with cold blooded,Sleight of hand and a a C4(quickly kill yourself to reload your class and finish it off),And you get to destroy the AC130 in less than 12 seconds.

    About camping….

    Its more than luck that campers have.WHENEVER I Get Killed by a camper,right after I spawn,I Go and Kill him.I have camped many times,but not like sitting on a corner.
    I choose an area,which is quite big and possible to guard.I plave my claymores as allerts/possible kills,and I use silencer/heart beat sensor.Whole groups of guys pass by me,and get their asses kicked(if they dont have akimbo shotguns).

    About gun-nrun…
    Many times,it is only luck that gives the guner-runners killstreaks.You WILL get killed from behind,or from a frag,came from the other side of the map.

    The only probs I have spotted,are the Lag and glithces.
    For ex:I Shot a guy twice with the AA-12 Shotgun WITH FMJ.I Ended up knifed.
    For ex:I Shot twice a guy on the head with the Barret 50 cal.(Stopping power)I Ended up killed,by a M4A1,With hardline,sillencer,and his 4 last bullets.

  105. Players hate what makes more easy for their enemies to Locate and neutrolize them.

    If you dont like getting killed by thermals,change they way you play.
    Greanade lunchers is an Attachment-Face it,or use it.

    Of course,knifing a guy from 23 meters distance,needs to be fixed,but that is how the game is.

  106. umm If you guys don’t appreciate the weed titles for the young? remember that this game is rated M for mature, and infinity ward is entitled to advertise to non- minors

  107. Your just really bad at the game I get throwing knife kills all the time and riot sheild kills. You just need some a little bit of hand eye, skill and luck and the you do good

  108. U forgot one. When you use almost all of your bullets shooting and someone just simply comes up and shank you using a melee attack.And the way it takes to long to switch guns or reload with you’re about to die.

  109. Wow, I have never seen such a massacre of the English language until I read the comments after my last post.

    Let me explain, again, for those too idiotic to understand. The reason that people “camp” is because they prefer a more realistic style of gameplay. In real life, you would be a suicidal moron to go sprinting around the open areas with your dual Rangers/Mini-uzis/UMP45/USP 45+tactical knife. You would be dead in seconds. SECONDS.

    The only real solution to this would be to give the gamers who prefer realism (like myself), a specific playlist in which marathon, lightweight, command, Rangers and 1887’s were prohibited.

    As much as I hate grenade launchers, they are real devices and used in modern warfare, so that is something you just have to deal with.

    The closest solution: Hardcore Team Deathmatch.

    The next person I see that posts: “OMGz eye hate dem campping faggetz! such nubz LOL! stop YOUSING cold blodded pr0 and ningia pr0 rofl!”

    is going to get a beating.

  110. U sir r a moron and a disgrace to MOD 2. If a grenade launcher or double shotties are getting you kills, then why the hell would you whine like a baby and say they are for noobs! Stop crying and play the game like it should be played you fuckin moron

  111. U r right this is shit. I was playing 2 day 10 kill streak and I knife the guy but it says he shot me. And I need 19 more ac130 kills 4 500 but I can’t get it cus of campers

  112. Some techniques are annoying, for sure. Like, if noob tubes were so effective, why doesn’t the entire US Army give up bullets and go straight to under barrel grenade launchers. But still, you always have to use any advantage you have. Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight. If someone starts noob tubing, grab a noob tube and go at them.
    Also, throwing knives are the shizz-nizz. When i play campaign, I hit RB when an enemy jubs out in front of me, and then i remember that i just threw a frag at him. Throwing knife ftw.

  113. This was a great article. I loved it. There are only a few things I would add though.

    1. Boosters – These are usually noobs with little to no skill who pair off in some corner of the map (such as the fort in Invasion or the marshy area of Rundown) and spawnkill each other over and over using tac insertions. This is done to get killstreaks and boost their XP quicker towards prestiging. What’s great is when these douche kids start asking people in the lobby chat if they want to boost with them. That’s a straight tip off to me to check the boosting spots for some easy double kills.

    2. People who use 10th Prestige lobbies or host them. Weak.

    3. Lag switch idiots.

    4. Claymores. I don’t think there’s a more unrealistic weapon in the game. Real claymores have a detonation wire..there’s no such thing as a lazer trip claymore. Not only that, but the range of a claymore blast is about 100 yards… the kill range of a claymore in MW2..maybe 10 feet? Semtex is pretty fake too… I’ve never heard of plastic explosives that stick to your enemy like velcro…except for maybe in Halo.

    5. Modders… I was in a Domination match on High Rise where this guy camped on top of the building with the tank on it and proceeded to shoot grenades into the windows where our team was spawning. This is all fine and good but I realized after five or six noob tube explosions that this idiot was playing with an unlimited ammo cheat for his noob tube. There was no way he could be shooting two grenades and then running around and resupplying every 20 seconds with Scavenger.

    Oh yeah. I also hate when you forget what equipment you have in your load out. I look like a straight up noob idiot when I go to throw a grenade towards an enemy and end up planting a claymore instead… or throwing a knife into a wall. Doh!

    I don’t understand why some people bitch about others using certain attachments. Yeah, some attachemnts give you an advantage, but there’s always a counter. I use the heartbeat sensor on some guns depending on the map and what I’m playing. I love using it on Free-For-All for example… but it works best on larger maps like Underpass. It’s a great tool for “hunting”.

    Really the only way to win at this game is to adapt your playstyle and class to whatever map you are playing… along with how your enemies (and teammates) are playing the game. Bringing a sniper rifle to Rust or Scrapyard is simply retarded..but running and gunning with a lightweight SMG works really well. Get to know the maps so well that you know the camping and sniping spots…check them. Use your stun/flash grenades often. If someone flashbangs you, throw one back… you’d be surprised how that will get you out of near death situations. Learn to reload your main weapon after you’ve shot it, even if you didn’t empty the clip. It should become second nature. Use as little ammo as possible to kill your enemy…that means headshots.
    My favorite weapon right now is the FAMAS. It drops three round bursts..but it forces you to become accurate with your targeting because you don’t get a constant stream of bullets out of it. Match it up with FMJ and you’ve got a great killing machine.

  114. I think this is a funny article. It was written all good humor.

    So anyway, I’m a camper for some maps (f’n love my claymores) and other maps i’m a sniper, I used to get pissed at snipers but then I learned and adapted to the game and once I learned how to snipe I had a way better time…

    I usually have a grenade launcher too since there are time when you have 2+ dudes running towards you and that’s the only option. Its rad! I’ve never had a nuke because I rarely get a killstreak past 25 and them times I do I don’t have it equipped.

    The only complaint I have is hackers. That’s just lame.

    1. They upped the range at which they don’t explode no longer possible to off yourself with a launcher. It also puts the range outside of 95% of encounters.

  115. 1. i don’t find akimbo s annoying, just gotta stay far away and hope to god they don’t get lucky

    2. Ive got nuke about 5% of the time. that’s because people are to ignorant to shoot down harriers, Helios, etc or dumb enough to let the person get them.

    3. scrambler works only in a sniping position because they don’t know if its up or down. then that’s when you come from behind.

    4. i haven’t reached 70 yet but basically id stay just to get challenges done. then id prestige.

    5. yes sniping is hard. especially on close corners combat. just get a good map and get a thermal. its satisfying to snipe 5 in a row or get 3 in one.

    6. the only couple kill streaks i think are idiotic are tach nukes and AC 130 since you cant stop em at all.

    7. again satisfying to sit there and gain points because people just sit there staring at you thinking they can kill you. but gets boring after a while, just a leveling technique.

    8. noob tubing… stupidest shit in the world

    9. you’ll find pot shit in almost every game. assassins creed: most of the bushes look like pot. spider man: you can find people smoking pot and a lot of people saying “get a quick high” if you listen closely. and MW2 is the final one Ive found any drug references in

    10. agreed just simply agreed.

  116. plus sniping takes getting used to asswad. i agree i hate g launchers but the hell with it if the map looks like the other team called in fuckin artillery ill doit to. stop bitchin about the weed references let people have fun with tryin to make their callsign look funny. If u ask me ur the doushcebag + u probably suck cuz ur a fuckin retard i mean who cant kill in 1 shot with a sniper rifle. peace out biatch

  117. Yep I am a douchbag and I have no choice only time I get anything resembling enjoyment is to walk into a building the other team is camping and has surrounded and tell them where I am.

  118. Crazy super old post I just want to say I hate the other players I always have. Your like yahoooo!!!!! I killed him but what actually happened looks like pure craptastic mod action. You are incapable of believing anything else ever. The whole oh my godsh I’m so elitesh. It is depressing how badly you need it to be your mad shkills and it is why I hate playing with you.

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