10 Awesome Various Slow Motion Water Videos


Water.  It’s the source of life.  Without it, we die.  With it, we can thrive.  With too much, we can die.  With enough of these “with” sentences I can bore you and myself out very quickly.  However, water is definitely awesome.

You know what else is awesome?  Slow motion videos.  It seems that over the past 6 months or so there has been a rise in slo-mo videos on the web.  And I’m glad for it.  It allows you to see things in entirely new perspectives.

Personally I think the slow motion water videos happen to be some of the most interesting to watch.  Whether it’s a wave, a drop, or even a balloon pop, here are 10 awesome various slow motion water videos

Slow Motion Picture of a Water Drop

Slow Motion Water Balloon right to the Face

Slow Motion Water Fall

Slow Motion Water in Reverse


Spitting in Slow Motion

Dog Drinking Water in Slow Motion


Water Vortex in a Blender in Slow Motion

Slow motion big wave Surfing

Underwater Giant Wave Stuff

Shark Attack in Slow Motion


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