10 Awesome Moments in Talk Shows


Here at Unreality I think we’ve been somewhat neglecting one of our favorite mediums, television.  And to get us back into the swing of things with TV I figured I’d start with talk shows.  Nothing’s better than live television for some moments you didn’t expect.

Not sure why the whole Halle Berry dancing thing got so much press but bottom line is that there are some tremendous talk show moments over the years.

I’ve taken 10 that I think are excellent.

Tyra Banks and Katherine McPhee


Tom Cruise Goes Nuts on Oprah


Geraldo Gets his Nose Broken


The video doesn’t work here but click on play button and it’ll take you there.

Rosie O’Donnell vs. Elizabeth Hasselbeck

Andy Dick Can’t Stop Touching Ivanka Trump 


The Andy Kaufman/Jerry Lawler Incident


Johnny Carson’s Cigarette Box is Broken


Farrah Fawcett Crazy on Letterman 1997

Best Jerry Springer Fights

Morton Downey Jr. on Howard Stern


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  1. Ok. Nice list. But seriously. Where is the Conan-Colbert-Stewart clash? Or the Stewart smackdown of Cramer? Those are two of the greatest moments in TV history, much less just talk shows.

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