An Awesome Collection of Star Trek Bloopers

Star Trek

Call me crazy but there’s something awfully funny about a Vulcan that all of a sudden starts laughing and cursing because he forgot his line.  I’m a huge fan of bloopers.  Nothing’s better than when you see how “human” someone truly is.  And no time is more human than screwing up in the middle of a scene and laughing your ass off.

Perhaps the best setting for these follies?  It’s gotta be Star Trek.

So whether it’s one of the movies, television shows, or simply a time for one of the actors to be drunk, here is a great collection of Star Trek bloopers.

Star Trek Geneation – The Lost Bloopers

Bloopers from the Original Series

Star Trek Voyager Bloopers

Rare Third Season Bloopers

Star Trek Enterprise Outtakes

Star Trek IV Bloopers

Drunken Kirk

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