Some of the Best Fanmade World of Warcraft Music Videos


I am personally not a World of Warcraft player.  And God forbid I ever get addicted to this game/hopeful virtual reality for some people, I hope I can be as humorous about it as they.  At least I’d like to think these people have a good sense of humor.

I guess when you are playing the game for nearly 24 hours a day, ideas pop in and out of one’s head.  For some reason people decided to make music videos out of the WoW characters.  And these videos are definitely not works of amateurs.  You can tell that lots of timewent into these.

While I think there are many better ways to spend one’s time, I’m still very grateful for these videos.  They are entertaining to say the least.

Great Compilation including Hammer Time

This is actually pretty funny

300 World of Warcraft

How about spending some productive hours?

Amish Paradise

Weird Al would be proud

We Will Rock You

I wonder if Queen would be proud

The Beer Song

I like the humping

Too Sexy

This song will never get old

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