A Gallery of the Most Terrifying Commander Shepards in Existence

Mass Effect was heralded as a significant step forward for video games because it allowed you to create your own character that was the focus of the story-driven title. That meant that at long last, you could be not only male or female, but whatever race you wanted to boot. The hero of the story was a being entirely of your own creation, and as such, many gamers felt like they could be more invested in the story than ever.

But the Mass Effect creation system has been a victory for another class of people as well, ugly people. There’s nothing that says the characters you design have to be pretty, and when the measurement sliders are thrust to the extreme, the face concoctions you get can be downright horrifying. But that’s…ugly-ist, I’d say (whatever racism is for ugly people), and just because you’re unfortunate looking, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be allowed to save the galaxy.

Here’s a gallery of misfits who became the greatest hero the universe has ever known. I could have never played with them, as I’m the type of person who reset their game because “Sonya Shepard’s” eyes were a millimeter too close together, but if you made it through the entire thing looking like this, I salute you.

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