15 Video Game Memes that We Enjoy

It’s been a pretty banner year for video games.   We’ve had our ups, we’ve had our downs.   Clearly I think we all wish Diablo 3 never happened.   But we’ve always got a new Assassin’s coming out and this summer is certainly looking quite hot as far as the future is concerned.

All in all I think we’re having a nice run in 2012.   And as always we like to calm things down a bit with a little comic relief.   Cheezburger site Memebase has a sub site called “Video Games” which is comprise solely of video game memes.  It took a while but we filtered out about 15 memes that were worthy of a post.

Enjoy the humor after the jump….


  • blastor138

    There is no jump. It’s just the end of that sentence and then pics. I’m not sure what you’re talking about.

  • angryman

    blastor, thats what a jump is, on the main page you see text, thenthe “jump” is clicking read more.

    these are pretty good, some are a stretch though

  • Your mother

    this is so awesome

  • GrandWazoo

    The cover pic you have is from an article about the different internet browsers. You can even seen the colors match up with that, rather than xbox, PS3 and Wii. You have FireFox who has a freaking fox tail, IE wearing blue and eating the paste, and Chrome with all those colors. That’s a lazy lazy meme.

  • Piratey

    When I was looking through most of these ‘meme’s’ this meme came to mind:

  • Beorach

    We all agree D3 sucked? I didn’t know it was a universal opinion. The game’s stingy (w/r/t drops) to the extent you have to use an AH but the gameplay’s good and Blizzard’s still working on improving their product…

  • Charlie Ward

    These are called “image macros”.

  • Rainsong

    (reply – GrandWazoo) I thought the WiiU was gonna use Opera…isn’t it?

  • John

    First image is a fake, its actually Firefox, Chrome and Explorer, that obvious