Kirby Inhales the Mass Effect Squad


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As has been well established by Super Smash Bros. over the years, Kirby can inhale any enemy, even those from franchises other than his own, and take on their persona and powers for a limited time. Normally he’s inflicting this horror on other Nintendo characters, but what if he went outside the box a bit and headed over to the Mass Effect universe?

DeviantArtist Jenifer Harris has the adorable answer in the form of her series of Mass Effect Kirbys. Above you’ll find the Kirby forms of Liara, Wrex, Kaiden and Thane. Below there’s Mordin, Garrus, Tali and Legion. No sign of Ashley, but she sucks, so that’s fine with me. All the coolest cats are covered in my opinion. Oh my god. Mass Effect cats. Has that been done yet? No? Internet, you have failed me!

See the others below:




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