10 Movies Where People’s Heads Explode!


You know something you don’t see every day?  Someone’s head exploding.  Fortunately, we can bear witness to such an incredible event in the world of cinema, where an increasingly-expanding cranium that becomes an explosion of brains and skull fragments isn’t such a rare occurrence.  To be honest, I’m not really sure what inspired me to write this article, but I do appreciate an exploding head as much as the next guy, so why the hell not?  For the most part, when someone’s head explodes, people take notice.

Below, check out 10 movies where someone’s head explodes.  Some clips are NSFW.



Obviously, Cronenberg’s Scanners was the first movie that came to mind.  It is THE head-exploding movie, a label of which Cronenberg should be proud.

Big Trouble in Little China


Well, if Scanners somehow isn’t the head-exploding movie, it’s gotta be the incredibly fun Big Trouble in Little China.  It looks like the dude’s entire body explodes, actually, but no doubt his head is included.

Pulp Fiction


I realized a few years ago that, despite how brilliant it really is, Pulp Fiction is pretty much a black comedy.  This scene is a perfect illustration as why.

Total Recall


Not nearly as messy as the others, and maybe it’s not a “real” head, but you can’t be too picky when it comes to exploding heads.  I remember seeing this in the theater and thinking this movie had the greatest special effects I had ever seen.



Pretty easily the best scene of the movie.  The poor schlub’s head busts like a melon all over Boddicker’s windshield.

Mars Attacks!


Even Martian heads are prone to explosions if the music is right.

The Frighteners


I’d say it’s amazing that this was directed by Peter Jackson, but The Lovely Bones means he’s not immune to making more clunkers.

Chopping Mall


Good thing there were people around to witness this.

Deadly Friend


OK, sure.  I’ll allow it.

From Dusk Till Dawn


Vampire Chet Pussy doesn’t react so well to crosses shoved down his throat.  You can see his head explode right around the 4:20 mark.

Any other movies where people’s heads explode?  There’s gotta be at least one in the Saw movies, right?  Let me know in the comments.


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