Seven Awesome Bedrooms In Movies

Movie bedrooms always get me really excited. Mainly because bedrooms are a great way to find out little details about characters without actually being told what their favorite band is, or favorite color, or if they’re messy or neat. We just have to look to their walls for that sort of information.

Now, I don’t know what this says about the story, when I start paying more attention to the bedding and posters on the wall than the actual story. But I’d say, that’s a job well done on the set designer’s part, wouldn’t you? Anyway, I decided to put together a list of awesome bedrooms in movies. Most of them belong to teenagers, but there are few exceptions.


I mean, it’s a gold room with a giant jacuzzi planted in the center. What’s not to love?

The Virgin Suicides

If you don’t like clutter, this bedroom might not be too appealing to you. But think about: The Lisbon Sisters lived in this bedroom more so than in their actual house (even though the room was in the house). They had unbearable and paranoid parents who didn’t let them do anything, so their room was their sanctuary. Personally, I loved that it looked like heaven, with all those crucifixes, pastel colors and tiny holy statues lying around.

10 Things I Hate About You

Who of is didn’t have a bedroom like this one at some point in our lives?

A Clockwork Orange

Alex may be a sociopath delinquent, but his bedroom is awesome. He’s got a bunch of cool stuff like Vinyl records, a turntable and a freaking red typewriter. Then there are other things that tell us more about his disturbed character, like the pornographic poster of a lady with her legs wide open and a branch for his snake (bleh!). Regardless, I would love to own a record collection like the one sitting in this room, wouldn’t you?

500 Days of Summer

Screw white boards! I want us all to use chalkboards again. This bedroom is a great example of great set design. The chalkboard perfectly compliments who Tom Hansen is and what he’s really passionate about.


Now, here’s a room with character. Again, lots of clutter, but a perfect bedroom for a nerdy and artsy teenager like Juno. Her bedroom tells us so much about who she is: a funky kid who digs hamburger phones.

Ocean’s Thirteen

I wanted to go with something that wasn’t so teenage-y, so I went with Reuben Tishkoff’s room in Ocean’s Thirteen. It’s got a sort of 70s luxury-glam look to it, doesn’t it? And it’s all gold. I dig it.


  • DocDoom

    The Beatles’ beds from “Help”. One day I will have a bed like John’s. Fo. Sho.

  • Straenge

    When I was younger, I always thought the greatest bedroom ever was Christian Slater’s character in Pump Up the Volume or (ironically, another Christian Slater movie) the bomb shelter bedroom in Gleaming the Cube.

  • Deke

    Ever since seeing 500 Days of Summer, I’ve vowed to have a chalk board wall in my future man cave. I know a whiteboard would be easier and cleaner, but screw that noise.

  • Ksjdhben

    I’m 20 now, but when my family moved into a new house when I was 10, we painted the walls of the entrance hall that leads from the garage to our kitchen and dining room, so whenever people enter our house, if they want, they can write on the wall. Everyone loves the idea and some of the stuff has been there almost since the beginning.

  • alexanderthehate

    Edward Furlongs room in Brainscan was the shit. so was the cave from the lost boys. pretty sure there was a bed right in the front

  • Clay Barclay

    What. No Blank Check?

  • Juno’s bedroom is awesome (especially the Tara McPherson poster), but Enid’s bedroom in Ghost World is the ultimate funky teen bedroom. She is my design guru.

  • Laura Frances

    @staceyrader I wanted to put enid’s , but I noticed that I’ve been including Ghost World too much in my posts. I absolutely love that movie.

  • neo

    shia labeouf’s room in Disturbia. Buddy’s room in Just One Of The Guys