12 Adult Film Stars in Mainstream Movies


For better or for worse (I say for better), pornography is becoming more and more mainstream.  The taboo of adult films still exists, but it’s no longer uncommon for pornstars to transition away from the world of orifice violation and into the safer and somewhat mundane realm of mainstream media.  As an aside, I’ve omitted pornstars that appeared in Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s Orgazmo, for the simple reason that it’s tough to consider an NC-17 movie as “mainstream.”  Anyhow, here’s a look at 12 adult film stars who ditched the San Fernando Valley for some time on the big screen:

Jill Kelly & Chasey Lain – He Got Game


Who can ever forget the threesome Jesus Shuttlesworth enjoys with Chasey Lain and Jill Kelly while visiting Tech U in He Got Game?  How Jesus chose Big State I’ll never understand.

Jeanna Fine – Boondock Saints


The veteran with no semblance of a gag reflex appears briefly in this cult classic.  Jeanna dances and passes out, giving her a chance to really show off her acting chops.  Marlon Brando would often require over a dozen takes before he could pretend to pass out effectively.

Jenna Jameson – Private Parts


Jenna played herself in Private Parts, back when she was adorable and not the leathery-skinned, anorexic, duck-billed creature she is today.  I miss the old Jenna.

Kobe Tai – Very Bad Things


The tiny Kobe Tai played a stripper who is accidentally killed when a bachelor party gets a bit out of hand.  If I remember correctly, it’s Jeremy Piven who does her in.

Ron Jeremy – Boondock Saints, 54


Ron Jeremy is perhaps the most mainstream of all adult film stars, appearing in movies, music videos, and even reality shows.  Ron’s mass appeal is probably due to the fact that he doesn’t seem like a pornstar at all; he seems just like your Jewish friend’s overweight dad.

Teri Weigel – Predator 2


In Predator 2, Teri does what she does best.  After giving her man a tremendous night, however, Teri is witness to horrific evisceration at the hands of the Predator.  The Predator spares Teri, who is left naked, bloody, and traumatized on the ground.  I guess if you’re going to be slaughtered by a Predator, getting killed after a romp with Teri would be one of the better ways to do it.

Stormy Daniels – The 40-Year-Old Virgin


Stormy appears in the porno – Space Nuts – that Andy watches after receiving a big box of porn from his friend Dave.  Space Nuts is indeed a real porn movie, but Stormy makes more than just a meta-appearance in The 40-Year-Old-Virgin.  She is also featured in a fantasy sequence of sorts when Andy endeavours to pleasure himself.

Katie Morgan – Zack and Miri Make a Porno


If there ever was an approachable porn star, it’s gotta be Katie Morgan.  If you’ve ever seen her on that HBO porn special, she really comes across as quite charming, despite having the voice of an 8-year-old.  Apparently most of the cast and production crew of Zack and Miri were impressed with Katie’s professionalism and ability to act.

Traci Lords – Blade, Cry-Baby, Zack and Miri Make a Porno


Porn legend Traci Lords has been in several mainstream roles, but I like her best as the lady vampire that lures her human victim to the blood rave in the beginning of Blade.  Seriously, how awesome is the song that plays during that scene?

Ginger Lynn – The Devil’s Rejects


Ginger Lynn plays a hooker that has sex with a clown in Rob Zombie’s film.  That sounds about right.

Asia Carrera – The Big Lebowski


Mensa member Asia Carrera played a pornstar in The Big Lebowski.  She briefly appears in a porno called “Logjammin” with Bunny LaJoya Lebowski.  You’ve got to admire Asia; the sexy brainiac has earned a fortune in addition to the money she’s made performing for the camera.

  • Forgot Nicole Graves in Harold and Kumar 2

  • F
  • Someonelse

    If I heard right Asia Carrera lost most of her money on bad investments and when the markets took a dive last fall (’08).

  • Madison

    @ Someoneelse:

    If true, that’s too bad. I know at least one way she can make her money back, though.

  • Everett

    Big ^%$&#@* deal!!!

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