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Sep 19 2014

This Week In Movie Trailers!

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Hey there Unrealtors, how goes your week!? Anyone take a break from playing Destiny yet? I know it’s hard for some to pull themselves away from it **cough – Paul! – cough** and yet, my sorry butt hasn’t even played a minute of it. It’s not for lack of wanting to. I guess I’ll just browse the interwebs for more movie trailers to present to the readers. Speaking of trailers, this week was a big one for a particular film that many have been eagerly waiting for…I wonder what film that could be?

Let’s do this.

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Sep 18 2014

Jeremy Renner’s Creepy Scarlett Johansson Cosplay

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Avengers: Age of Ultron is currently filming, and Jeremy Renner decided to lighten the mood on set by slapping on a Scarlett Johansson mask for the cameras. It’s far more than a Halloween mask or printed paper version with eyeholes however, and it appears to be what Scarlett’s stunt double uses during her more perilous scenes.

That mask paired with those arms is kind of amazing. Or really, those arms are just kind of amazing by themselves. That vasculature! My god!

[via Nerd Approved]

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Sep 18 2014

Kimmel Recuts Hunger Games Trailer Into a Comedy

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I think it’s interesting that late night hosts are now doing what the internet has been doing for a while now, namely recutting trailer into something they weren’t meant to be. This happens all the time, but now the practice has made its way to Jimmy Kimmel, who has a bit where he presents the new Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 trailer as if it were a comedy instead of a young adult drama-romance-action-movie-anything-but-a-comedy.

It works, obviously, as he’s got a team of talented editors to craft this. I wonder if he’ll make it a recurring bit? It seems like more and more TV folks are making content specifically tailor to a “viral” loving internet audience. Less monologues, more stuff like this.

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Sep 18 2014

Cosplay of the Day: This. Is. Hall-o-ween.

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The Nightmare Before Christmas was one of those movies I wasn’t allowed to watch as a kid because of the fact that it would probably give me nightmares despite its myriad of musical numbers, so I didn’t actually end up watching it until uh, college.

Needless to say, it still holds up well over time, even as we’re (mostly) shifting away from this kind of animation and into pure CGI (other than rare Boxtrolls exceptions).

The above? That’s no animation prop. That’s cosplay from Fenski who has created just about the most perfect Skellington costume you can imagine, outside of having the physical proportions of Slenderman. Amazing stuff.

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Sep 18 2014

Batman: Assault on Arkham Reminds Us that Villains Can Be Cooler than Heroes

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I’m sure everyone’s aware by now that DC puts out excellent animated straight-to-DVD films on the regular, and I’m assuming you’ve watched every last one. Why wouldn’t you? They’re awesome. Go do that if you haven’t. Wikipedia’s count is twenty one of these gems –twenty five if you count the Batman: The Animated Series features- without a genuine stinker among them. That’s an exceptional accomplishment any way you look at it.

So by now the big question is which one is your favorite? I was noticing a slight downturn in quality in the recent films. Justice League: War kicked off DC’s New 52 in the animated realm and left a bad taste in my mouth with its meatheaded Superman, comedically naïve Wonder Woman, and Michael Bay take on Darkseid. Son of Batman wasn’t really my cup of tea either. Neither film were terrible, but I just am not a fan of those storylines or the way they were handled.

I wasn’t expecting too much from Batman: Assault on Arkham, but any trip to the fictional sanitarium is one worth taking and who doesn’t love the concept of the Suicide Squad? Not only did this film -which takes place in the universe of the beloved Arkham video game series and follows the exploits of a team of villains- kick every kind of ass, but it may actually be my favorite out of all of DC’s current run of animated films. Score one for the bad guys. Continue Reading »

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Sep 18 2014

Artists Design New Interstellar Posters

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Chris Nolan’s Interstellar may not be out until next year, but that hasn’t stopped artists from banding together to pay tribute to the film. Blurppy held an event of sorts where artists were invited to draft their own posters for the film. Above and below you’ll find some of the best entries that show the space-drama in a new, often trippy light.

Some of these seem very reminiscent of 2001, and lord knows if there was ever a director who could rival Kubrick….

Hah, I’m just kidding, I wanted to see how many film buffs I could freak out with that declaration. That said I do love Nolan, even if it isn’t cool any more. Check out the other posters below: Continue Reading »

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Sep 17 2014

Robocop Comes Down From the Mountain

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It’s fairly obvious to most that Robocop is a not-so-subtle Christ allegory, one of many scattered across the film universe, but what if it was really a Moses allegory instead? You don’t see those too often.

Exceptional artist Tim Doyle has crafted the above piece which show Robocop descending from the mountain to gift Terminators with his commandments. Which happen to be his laws of operation. Lord knows those Terminators could use more rules.

I’m pretty sure this was once a famous painting. And I’m pretty sure this is the version I want in my house.

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Sep 17 2014

Would You Like to Play a Game?

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Behold, the cruelest prank in the universe. One devious friend played a prank on another after borrowing a computer to do some repairs on it.  They may have fixed the problem, but they came back with an even larger issue.

“Do you want to play a game? One is Google CHrome…The Rest are Internet Explorer. The choice is yours.”

Man, that’s just mean. And don’t ruin the fun by saying you can just delete all of them and make a new Chrome shortcut. If you do that Jigsaw has rigged your computer to explode, so don’t even try it.

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Sep 17 2014

The Seven Best Big Screen Jumps for Animated Series

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Adapting a thirty minute TV series usually seems like a horrific mistake. The tidy length of most TV shows coupled with their episodic format allows a lot of writers to shore up issues that would spill out everywhere in feature length.

We’ve seen this happen, too. The X-Files movie was extremely vanilla as a feature-length film – although as a two part episode it would have been phenomenal. Most producers simply don’t understand the chops it takes to adjust to the new medium, so they try to stretch everything out. What ends up happening is a lot of puzzled audience members unfamiliar with the source materials and a lot of fan boys kind of wishing they were just watching the show on their own TV.

Considering all this, imagine the surprise when not just a TV show but an animated TV show – usually known for their low-brow sensibilities in any genre – actually turns out to be an entertaining and well-formulated movie.

So, since I’ve already talked about big games jumping to tiny screens, let’s look at the best animated TV show adaptations for the big screen. Continue Reading »

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Sep 17 2014

Sci-Fi is Getting Scarier

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by Jake Thompson

You know that rush you got when little Haley Joel crawled into his homemade tent in The Sixth Sense? And that dread of knowing the shark was stalking below the too small boat in Jaws? These are great horror moments. They make you jump, make your heart beat fast, and then when it’s over, you laugh. Maybe not right away, but you look back on these films like you would a roller coaster, because despite the scares, you were entertained.

Science fiction horror is a little different. Apart from Alien, I struggle to think of a sci-fi film that gives this thrilling kind of terror. Most often, sci-fi horror isn’t found in creatures, or killers, or ghosts, but in the human condition. I remember reading 1984 and Brave New World and watching Blade Runner in high school, which in their own way were scarier than any of the horror movies I snuck to my friends’ houses to watch. But instead of doubling my heart rate, these stories left me with a lump in my throat. Continue Reading »

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Sep 17 2014

Overlooked: Brad Pitt

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I originally titled this write up as “Underrated: Brad Pitt” but felt that it’s not necessarily that he’s underrated, but that he’s overlooked and still seen as the “pretty boy” rather than an amazing talent. A guy that has so many fantastic films on his resume but not a single *Oscar to his name. Why is it that Pitt can deliver time and time again but is normally passed off as just the guy that ladies swoon over? Don’t get me wrong, I think he’s gorgeous and would put him up there among many of my other man crushes but that’s a whole other post for another day.

This all came about because I was watching Meet Joe Black the other night on television and found that I was smiling practically every time that Brad graced the film with his presence. Scene after scene he went toe to toe with Sir Anthony Hopkins and I was drawn to his performance every time. His smile, charm, and candor were impeccable yet if you mention Brad Pitt in conversation I bet that you’ll never hear anything about this movie or any of his other films.

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