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Jul 25 2014

Worth a Read: The Story of How Galaxy Quest Got Made

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galaxy quest

It’s the 15th anniversary of the release of Galaxy Quest, a movie it’s almost impossible not to like, and one of my favorite films, sci-fi, comedy or otherwise. I watched it when I was a teen, and many, many times since, and it’s amazing how great the concept is, how much talent there is in the cast, and how well it holds up over time.

MTV has a rather lengthy interview with those behind the film, and it’s a fascinating read as to how the movie actually got made in the first place. It was originally called “Captain Starshine,” but it evolved from there into the cult classic it is today. I highly recommend giving it a full read, and naturally, watching the movie again in honor of its anniversary.

Never give up, never surrender.

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Jul 25 2014

This Week In Movie Trailers!

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The San Diego Comic Con is in full swing and while it’s not producing tons of trailers per say, this week has given us better trailers than the week prior. Also today was a HUGE day for the women out there, my wife included. I won’t delay you any further …

Let’s do this.

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Jul 25 2014

The Darth Car is Real

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When I saw glimpses of the Hot Wheels’ Darth Car online the other day, I thought it was just that, a Hot Wheels car. The tiny kind you run around plastic loop-de-loop tracks. But apparently I missed the fact that this thing is very much real, and on display at SDCC right now.

Though it does exist as a toy, Hot Wheels actually built a real life version of the car that’s more or less what Darth Vader would transform into if her were in a Michael Bay movie. It’s half ridiculous, half awesome, and I’m hoping it shows up in Star Wars Episode VII. Check out more photos of it below: Continue Reading »

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Jul 24 2014

Black Milk Moves On to Disney Princesses and Villains

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I’m about 30% certain that Black Milk is just browsing Unreality when it comes to crafting their new product lines, as they’ve gone from superheroes to Star Wars to Harry Potter, and now all the way to Disney princesses and villains.

Or they just realized that Maleficent made like $700M worldwide.

In any case, they’re debuting pieces of a new Disney inspired line that ranges from villainous leggings to Snow White onesies I expect to see Miley Cyrus wearing soon enough. You can check out the other pieces of the collection below, and buy them as always here. Well, “soon” at least. Continue Reading »

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Jul 24 2014

Lil Wonders By Patrick Ballesteros

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Artist Patrick Ballesteros is back with a whimsical new series based on coin-operated cars and pop culture icons. When I grew up, the only coin operated rides like these were those creepy brown horses that seemed to infect every grocery store in the US before bored kids just started playing Game Boys and iPads instead.

But these? I would totally have loved to ride in a Batmobile, DeLorean or the shark from Jaws. The entire series is pretty cool, and you can check it out for yourself below: Continue Reading »

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Jul 24 2014

Mondo is Making Toys Now

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iron giant

You currently know and love Mondo as the premiere movie poster maker, who makes awesome prints for awesome movies that sell out almost immediately. Well, now they’re moving into a new realm, toys, and their first batch can be seen at SDCC.

Yes, that is a perfect Iron Giant replica above, and you’ll find an adorable Ninja Turtle below. I’m not sure how exactly they’re choosing their subjects, but if these first few are any indication, we’ll be seeing a lot of fantastic stuff from them in the future. Continue Reading »

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Jul 23 2014

The Purge’s Interesting Genre Jump

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I finally saw The Purge this weekend, as I was inspired by its above 50% score on RT which may not be fresh, but is pretty good for the horror genre as a whole given critics propensity to dislike most entries.

The first film was one of the biggest success stories of last year, and now given that The Purge itself is an annual event, the film documenting it can be annual too, it seems. That can happen when you can film the entire movie in a month on a sub-$10M budget.

I sort of disliked the first film, mostly because I couldn’t really get past the political allegory being hammered down our throats, even if it’s a point I can agree with most of the time (the rich exploit the poor). It was just so ham-handed it ruined the tone of the film.

But it did work in many ways. The concept was terrifying, albeit implausible, and the film made for a nice little slasher flick starring the rather good Ethan Hawke and Lena Headey.

I was curious to see The Purge: Anarchy do something pretty unique. While Paranormal Activity and Saw essentially beat their own concepts to death with a shovel, The Purge: Anarchy expands on the central idea and makes the new movie anything but a dredged-up repeat.

The genre is completely different. It really isn’t horror anymore, it’s downright dystopian sci-fi, and practically an action movie in many parts. The movie might as well be a full remake of Escape from New York in many ways, from the roving gangs in an insane city, to a central hero tasked with protecting the weak.

While the movie itself is still somewhat forgettable, I thought it was an interesting example of a series doing a complete pivot. While it retained many elements from the original, the tone changed completely.

Perhaps it’s not the most revolutionary achievement of filmmaking, but I did appreciate the effort they put in instead of simply rehashing the first film, which is what so many of these low budget horror sequels do. It actually made me look forward to the potential of The Purge 3, which is obviously inevitable at this point.

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Jul 23 2014

Why Haven’t You Seen It: The FP

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I have let it be known world wide that I am lover of absurd movies. I walk around, quoting The Room while wearing my Sharknado baseball hat. Not even kidding. I am one of the three people who thought Birdemic was so bad it was brilliant. But what happens when a movie builds itself around that very ideal? What happens when a movie conscientiously wants to be so bad it is good? Isn’t that trying too hard? Shouldn’t that not work? Yes, in most cases, trying to become a cult movie blows up horribly in the faces of those who try to do it. Thing is, with The FP, it works. It is just SO absurd (yet so spot on in its absurdity) that you can’t help but actually enjoy this insane film. Insane is actually putting it lightly. Let’s have some fun this week, kids.

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Jul 22 2014

The League of Extraordinary Americans


Imagine if a librarian from the Victorian era created the Justice League.

Might not sound incredibly thrilling but in 1999 comics legend Alan Moore made the concept not just work but rock in his miniseries The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Featuring a slew of characters from every corner of Victorian literature, the LOEG was a rollicking, partially demented adventure that made you wish you were a bit more well-read.

Being a proper Englishman, though, Moore of course used (mostly) characters from his home and native land. Being a young American reader I thrilled at the brief Tralfamadorian cameo and the Who Dat Ninja poster in the background, but, for the most part, the USA was MIA throughout the League’s various goings-on.

Today, though, I’m gonna get patriotic and ‘MERICA the crap outta the limey League and present the League of Extraordinary AMERICANS, using ONLY American created characters and concepts. Am I being a rampant, red-white-and-blue-tinted glasses-wearing Nationalist? You bet. But hey, at least I’m not shoe-horning in…ugh…Tom Sawyer to appeal to Americans.

Ready? For the stars and bars! Continue Reading »

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Jul 22 2014

It Should Be A Movie By Now: Silverhawks

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What would you get if you mixed some flying birds, Daft Punk and the Thundercats together? I can’t go another week mentioning shows that have gone by the way side that should’ve been movies by now without saying something about the Silverhawks. Yeah, that was me slapping a childhood memory out from the cobwebs of your brain!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve brought this show up in the past and no one has a clue what I’m even talking about. Silverhawks is not that old, yet is typically not remembered by my generation until you show them a toy. Continue Reading »

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Jul 21 2014

Disney Princesses Go to War

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Robot Chicken ventured into Unreality territory with a segment on the Disney princesses going to war with one another. Their picture perfect dynamic changes when Brave’s Merida shows up with her bear of a mother (“the trailer was very misleading!”) and the princesses split and head to battle with one another.

I really do need to watch Robot Chicken more, as I definitely spent a solid hour an YouTube playing random clips after I watched this. It’s been far too long.

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