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Aug 21 2014

How Many of Martin Scorsese’s Must-See Movies Have You Watched?

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Some context here:

“The story goes like this: young filmmaker Colin Levy wrote to his hero Martin Scorsese several years ago, asking which films he should see in order to broaden his cinematic horizons. Scorsese’s assistant sent over a list of 39 foreign films that the director had personally recommended.”

Granted, this was a long while ago, but it’s not as if the movies aren’t good anymore. So the question is, how many have you seen? I’ve got…

1) Beauty and the Beast (hoping he means the Disney version)

2) The Bicycle Thief (I think we watched this in Italian 201 in college)

3) Seven Samurai (because it’s awesome)

And uhm, that’s it. Alright, I kind of suck. Can you claim any better? Let me know in the comments.

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Aug 20 2014

Looper’s Awesome Proof-of-Concept Trailer

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Director Rian Johnson was still a relatively unknown in Hollywood when he wanted to make Looper, and as such, he had to make a “proof-of-concept” trailer to show that it could be as cool in practice as it was in his own head.

Such trailers are made using a few original clips, but mainly other movies that are similar visually and in tone. Here, Johnson drew on films like Se7en and Blade Runner to illustrate what he was going for, in addition to crudely animating a few sequences himself.

It’s a pretty cool cut, and really makes me want to try the same thing for my sci-fi books. I’ll mash-up some District 9, The Road and Mass Effect cutscenes, and I’ll be on my way!

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Aug 19 2014

Cosplay of the Day: Ice Warrior Elsa Ready for Battle

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In the Disney film, Elsa may have “let it go” in the end, when it came to hunting the people who ostracized her, but not so in this cosplay version by Mimiru Riley. In her parallel Frozen universe, Elsa is ready for battle with self-made ice armor, and ready to jump into the fray right alongside her mutant snowman friend.

Poor uh, what’s her name again? Anna. She’s the lead of that movie, yet she’s always playing second fiddle to her sister with magical ice powers. I suppose magical ice powers will do that.

More photos below: Continue Reading »

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Aug 19 2014

Angels in the Apocalypse: How the Events of “Angels in the Outfield” Led to Humanity’s Extinction


Leave it to the happiest company on Earth to end it.

In 1994, Disney released what’s become a family cinematic staple: the screwball sports comedy classic, “Angels in the Outfield.” The film was fairly star-studded with Danny Glover, Christopher Lloyd, and a pre-Robin Joey Gordon-Levitt all in starring roles, and had future Oscar winners Adrien Brody and Matthew McConaughey as side players. And it had Tony Danza shirtless.

The film was a success, and kids across America owned the clamshell case clad comedy on VHS, myself included. As a kid I must’ve watched the movie just shy of one billion times, and loved it. But it wasn’t until a recent viewing (and more on just why I revisited the film later) that I realized something sinister was brewing behind the bases. “Angels in the Outfield” seemed like good fun…but have you ever really thought about what happens after the Angels (SPOILER ALERT) do win the pennant?

Well…I have…and I’m here to say goodbye to the human race. Continue Reading »

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Aug 18 2014

It Should Be A Movie By Now: Deadpool

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I feel that Deadpool is a staple of the Unreality world. There have been plenty of contributors who have had a few tales to tell about the Merc With A Mouth – Paul, Nick, and Remy to name a few. Figured it was high time that I add to that pool of people and rant about the fact that we still don’t have a Deadpool movie!?

A little background on this subject pertaining to yours truly…Wade Wilson did not start off as my go to favorite comic book character. As a kid I can remember being totally obsessed with the X-Men and Spiderman. I probably knew enough about the X-Men to rival a lot of the comic book nerds twice my age. The day that all changed was when my parents dropped me off at the local comic book store and I was trying to haggle a price with the old man behind the counter for one of my comics and I noticed in the case a comic with a guy that looked like Spiderman but more BA. Clearly I asked to see the comic … never before as a kid had I witnessed a comic book character with that type of personality or one that broke the 4th wall. Spiderman had a wit and great sarcasm about him, but nothing that touched what I was to soon learn about Mr. Wilson.

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Aug 15 2014

Dancing Groot is the Perfect Way to End the Week

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It’s been a tough week, right? Well, it has for me, on the tail end of a month-long move across the country. I’m so tired I’m not even sure if I’m really writing this, or if I’m dreaming. Hey, what’s that unicorn doing in my room? Why is a shirtless Chris Hemsworth riding it?

Anyway, if you’re as stressed as me, take a look at baby dancing Groot above, a Guardians of the Galaxy scene which has just been officially released by Marvel for all of us to enjoy. If you know why there’s a baby dancing Groot, it’s a spoiler. If you don’t, it’s not. So it’s probably fine. Just watch it.

All movies need more dancing, is what Guardians of the Galaxy has taught me.

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Aug 15 2014

It’s Hamill Time

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I love Mark Hamill, don’t get me wrong, but age can often do not great things to everyone. As such, when Hamill was cast as an older version of Luke Skywalker in Star Wars Episode VII, I was a bit worried as he hadn’t been looking particularly heroic for a while from all the pictures I’d seen of him, and I wasn’t sure how he’d slide back into a role like that.

Well, it seems that’s changed. The above photo was taken by Hamill’s son Nathan, showing his dad outside Ep. VII filming with his “contractually obligated beard.” He’s slimmed down and bulked up in the right places, and morphed into total badass mode once more. I’m sorry I ever doubted you, Mark. You shame me with your awesomeness.

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Aug 15 2014

Cosplay of the Day: The Perfect Nebula

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Ever cosplay so hard that the director of the film of the character you’re cosplaying actually pays you a direct compliment? Then you must not be Karin Olava, who has created a Nebula costume so on point, Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn said that he “loves it.”

And how could anyone not? It’s one of those costumes that transcends costume, and you literally just are the person you’re dressing up as. You can check out more about the process of making the costume at Olava’s Instagram here, which reveals that yes, she actually did shave her head for this. I’m surprised she didn’t legally change her name from Karin to Karen, just to be one shade closer to the actual actress, Karen Gillan.

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Aug 15 2014

This Week In Movie Trailers!

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The internet mourned for Robin Williams and I for one have been fairly somber about it all week. Since this is my continual Friday writeup and its always about movies and the trailers that come with them, then what better way to start it off than with a few words from the man himself. The man who was so humble, sweet, compassionate, and most of all funny. The man who was somehow able to hide the darker parts of himself in order to entertain us. By making us laugh, cry, and smile…he touched us all in more ways than he’ll ever know. Robin Williams will be missed, thank you sir for everything.

“Oh captain, my captain…”

Let’s do this.

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Aug 14 2014

More Fun With Jedi Disney Princesses

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If you asked me how many Disney Princess variants we’ve featured over the past six years on Unreality, I’d laugh in your face and say I lost track at “Disney Princess Sloths.”

But if you asked how many Disney Princess JEDI we’ve come across over the years, I’d say two or three batches, including this new one from artist White-Magician. Her concept is “what if the princesses WEREN’T helpless to defend themselves,” with her solution giving them lightsabers. While Disney movies may not be the most progressive, I’d say at least Mulan and Pocahontas could take care of themselves when it came down to it, lightsabers or no.

Check out the gallery below. I left out a few that were prominently stamped with plugs for her Tumblr, but you can go hunt for them if you want. Continue Reading »

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Aug 14 2014

Anatomy Of An Excellent Movie Trailer

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I love movie trailers.  Love ‘em.  These days, I don’t find myself going to the theater all that often, and I’ve replaced a lot of my pop culture consumption time with television (the list of shows I really want to check out is getting a little frightening, and includes, shamefully, both True Detective AND Orphan Black.)  But I still watch a lot of movie trailers.  Partly because it’s easy, partly because it’s a very low time investment, and partly because there’s something incredibly artful about the good ones.

You see, a movie trailer is actually a pretty tough needle to thread when you really think about it.  You’re trying to entice an audience into seeing something 2 hours long by showing them something 2 minutes long.  And that audience is comprised of people whose knowledge of the movie ranges from “know literally nothing about it” to “have written fanfiction based on the book it’s based on.”  Not only that, but you have to convince people that there’s something interesting there while withholding enough plot and/or character detail so as not to ruin the movie.  (A lot of trailers seem to have given up on this last part.)

So what really goes into a great trailer?  What makes a great one so effective?  Can we break down the elements of a great trailer into separate parts or ideas?  Let’s find out.

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