A Gallery of Very Unique Superhero Art


It’s another one of those days where I wish I were an artist, because illustrator Christopher Uminga has me in awe of his talent. He’s created an amazing series of superhero/Star Wars/Ninja Turtles/etc. pictures in his own unique art style, and they’re the coolest things I’ve seen in quite some time.

We’ve got the full gallery for you below and be sure to click on any of the pictures to make them huge with the help of our brand new gallery page! Hooray, we’ve made it into the 21st century!
















  • Bestcabbageeva

    go hellboy

  • Lacy

    This artist is amazing. The Hulk is my favorite.

  • Amit

    Wicked art….very nice. 🙂

  • Cal

    Reminds me of the art style in Invader Zim.

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  • Wow these are awesome! Nice nice work by the artist.

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  • Your work is incredible, you are quite the visionary! Epic work!

  • PN

    This artwork is AMAZING!!!

  • I love it!! very tim burton meets manga-esque

  • Ishan

    hey !! gr88 art ..keep it going ..

  • Heezil

    This is wicked, definatly showing this to my friend who looves marvel and stuff!

  • Guilherme

    Excellent work, I wish I could draw like you!
    keep it up!
    cheers from Brasil

  • Tribol

    Thats just awesome dude

    hi from Brazil

  • David

    AMAZING stuff,really really really talented.
    You NEED to do a Psylocke <3

  • i love it

  • Oliver

    I would *love* to see Rogue and Gambit!

    These are awesome.

  • creative… keep it up…

  • Great stuff, deadpool my fave!!

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  • frag_girl

    this is unique? =_= maybe for someone who fap to avatar pron and got twilight poster it is…

  • 21D

    Wow really awesome… great job 🙂

  • roganjosh

    Where could i get a few prints of these. they are so cool. are they for sale?

  • Those were awesome! Very artistic, very unique concept making super heroes emo/gangster type drawings. Very cool!

  • swifty 118

    of corse not i tort him i am 9 years old im a tomboy boys think im a boy there wrong.even wizard is better then me who thinks im wrong leave a comment pls and if u know who i am come knock for me on wednesday i beg u i might even tech u how to draw the superheros

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  • Kyleweezy

    Dude my brains hurts…Omg please do Green Latern & Spider man Wow

  • Nice style.

  • John

    Wow as a fellow artist i would love to study more art drawn by this person. I absolutely love the style and the way he portrayed them. i also love this coloring and the way he ends the images that are too big to fit the page. I would definitely love to see more :]

  • LD

    Looks like the same artist that drew the Gorillaz characters.
    or at least was inspired by them.


  • TeddyBear92

    My favourite is the Penguin , Harley Quinn and Joker with that whacky smile !!!!!!

  • Reminds me of this animation I saw on YouTube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Toe6hfZnaTs

  • ABlackGuy

    What is this style called?

  • mohsen NY

    awesome gallery…


    im writing a book, would you add me on facebook, to read the first couple of pages i have written so far. i have also drawn some stuff. tell me what you think.

  • Fisherr

    Wolverine & Deadpool are badass.

  • ale

    someone should use those as a sprites for an MMORPG. i now of hundreds of people that would pay to play that game… just throwin it out there,if icould deign sprites or video games id be on it

  • Aqua

    I like the Harley Quinn and LOVED the Wolverine! Really cute pictures!

  • Dr. One Foot

    Eye Loove this!

  • Amy

    It’s like a mix between Invader Zim and SD anime lol They’re so cute! lol


    they should create video games using these designs and just have them bloody as hell. epic

  • Jonathan

    They’re all either really hilarious, or really freaky, or really awesome. Or some combination thereof.

  • KrumpC.4.L.

    awesome… art…. u got a gift continue 2 glorify God with…

  • chris morris

    are these copy righted

    • By US law, art and most creative things are automatically copyrighted to the person who created them. Fanart is a little bit of a grey area, because the characters belong to Marvel. Still, the artist does technically own the rights to all these images, yes.

      • Sean

        Tell that to DC and Marvel. If you work for marvel and you come up with a superhero and you draw him etc. the company owns the rights. Thats why IMAGE comics was est. by todd mcfarlane because he wanted to own a company where the artist owned the things they created.

        • Good point. I didn’t specify that in house artists or temporarily contracted artists do not have quite the same rights. However, the specifics depend on the terms of your contract. If they hire you to design a specific character then yes, you are essentially creating something for them and giving them the rights.

          I don’t think EVERYTHING the artist creates during that time would automatically be theirs, but if you had industry contacts with a company like Marvel, naturally you would seek them out and try to use them as a publisher. Luckily, comic artists have a lot more freedom than they did before. It’s much easier for artists to self publish and retain full control of their artwork and stories (aka copyrights) and make more than if they had went to a publisher.

          • Sean

            I agree, the early days of comic sucked for the artist. Crappy pay and they come up with almost EVERYTHING while the publisher sits in a hot tub drinking on strawberry margaritas. It was utter bullshit. I’m glad someone out there sees this as well. MORE POWER TO THEM!

  • SupRelly

    More ..more! ..I need to see more :O

  • RedShadow

    Kind of reminds me of how the Invader Zim characters look.

    • Sean

      I was about to say “Looks like zim will have some friends!”