Yet Again, Dexter is Shaping up to be Awesome

After watching last night’s Dexter (Once Upon a Time) I’m even more intrigued by this season that during the first episode.   To be honest the first episode, while great, didn’t necessarily pull me in to open a ton of doors that would make me amped up to see what’s going to happen this year.

Granted it had all the bells and whistles that I liked such as you know, Dexter killing people.  Also we got a nice sense of Dexter’s humor, sense of beliefs (or the development of whatever he’s going to decide to believe in, and yeah I got my gratuitous sex scene.

But it wasn’t until yesterday that I truly became pumped at the prospects for the rest of the season.  And here’s why….

1.  Mos Def’s Character

In what came as a complete surprise, we still have no clue who this guy really is.   I’m sure we were all thrown when the “Good Shepard” was actually saving a life instead of killing it last night.   Hell Dexter was surprised too.  Personally I think they just threw in Dexter’s kill to make sure you saw him kill someone.  Eh.   That was about the only mistake the show made last night.  I’m very curious to see how this all plays out.

2.  Deb being Lieutenant.

This is going to be awesome.  It will have effects on every single member of the show.  Her promotion is only going to make her work harder.  It’s gonna be hilarious to see how she interracts with Quinn after the botched proposal.   Clearly you know she’s going to eventually catch on to Dexter.  Not necessarily that it’s him, but exactly what he’s been doing.   Then there’s Angel.  Who knows how pissed he’ll really be.  Anyway, it’s shaping up to be a nice plot.

3.  The Religious Boys

Even though they’re the killers this season I see this being way more about Dexter.   I don’t think anyone can measure up to John Lithgow and I think the  show recognizes that.  I mean they’re little religious thing is cool and all but it’s just not as cool as the other plots.

4.  The Sexy Intern!

Let’s face it.   You knew the show was gonna have a sexy character and it didn’t take long for them to hire Brea Grant to the rescue.  Well done guys.  Well done.  Her little but wagging in the chair was definitely one of my favorite moments of the show.  Hands down.   Question is, whose gonna be the lucky guy?  I’m hoping it’s Quinn so he can really piss off Deb.

5.   Who knows but I’m definitely interested in finding out.

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  1. Two episodes in, still predicting that I will like this season better than Season 5…not that I hated Season 5, it was still Dexter – I just didn’t feel like there was a point to it. At the end of the season I felt like Dexter was right back where he started.

    Nothing beats Season 1 for me, but I’m hoping 6 is close.

  2. I think the religious nuts will have a big role to play in this season. I can’t wait to see their attempts to usher in the apocalypse.

    I also think Deb being Lt is going to be fun, except until she says “fuck” in her first public interview and gets kicked out. lol.

    I agree, this episode was far better than the first, which was good too. The very last few minutes when he was talking about how the Good Shepard takes care of his flock was a perfect parallel to him and his son’s future.

  3. Keep in mind – Edward James Olmos is a complete badass. And Mos Def is indeed fantastic.

    And I’m pretty sure that the lucky guy is going to be Masuka! That’s what I inferred from her comments at the end of the episode. And let’s face it, he does deserve a bone thrown his way, so to speak.

  4. Brea Grant IS hot. THank god for that. How anyone bothers with this show yet ignores The Wire and Breaking Bad is pretty embarassing. This show is the most shallow and least complex show ever. Way too simple. Has become a parody of itself when it was a joke to begin with.

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