Yes, You Can Overdose on Badassness

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Ever hear the expression “too much of a good thing?” Well as it turns out, it applies to all areas, even building your own custom zombie killing machine. I’ve seen vehicles loaded with guns and weapons before, and most of them have been pretty badass. But this thing? This thing took so many badass pills it overdosed and had to be rushed to a hospital where they pumped belt fed ammo out of its stomach

You can buy this thing on Ebay for $55K, which I believe is actually a discount over a regular Hummer due to all the crap attached to it. And what exactly is all the crap? See below:

7- MA Deuce 50 Caliber Machine Guns with Tripods
2- 30 Caliber M1919 Machine Guns
10- Mini-Guns with Rotating Action
4- RPG’s Rocket Propelled Grenade Launchers
20mm Real Shells on Front Brush Guard and on Back Spare Tire
50 Caliber on Top Shoots Simulated Fire with Loud Report and Works with Propane/ Oxygen Tanks Stored in Ammo Cases on Roof. Nitrous Oxide Purge System with Nozzles on Hood and Front 50 Caliber Machine Guns.
Laser Lights on Guns and Roof Rack
2- Final Fantasy Swords 56″ Long Mounted on Roof Rack
Additional Swords Mounted on Back and Front
Dragons, Skulls, Hid Lights, Headers, Dual exhaust, Optima and 2- Marine Batteries, Chrome Hand Grenade Shifter
2000 Watt Amp, 12″ Sub Woofers, 15 Multicolor Interior Lasers
2 Fire Extinguishers
Back Seat has 2- M1919 Machine Guns, 1- Mini-Gun, Pineapple Grenades, 50 Caliber Bullets and 40mm Shells for Grenade Launchers.
Everything is Controlled with Wireless Remote

Everything is controlled with a wireless remote? Including the weapons? Don’t sit on it, or you’ll accidentally riddle the minivan in front of you with 5,000 rounds I guess.

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  1. All those weapons are fake or de-mil’ed. M2 .50 are about $10-15k a piece and an extremely restricted item. RPGs are a cheap, but again… near impossible for private citizens to obtain.

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