That Guy Actor of the Week: Larry Hankin

I knew we’ve mentioned Larry Hankin before but we nave had him in our “That guy actor of the week” feature yet.  Besides, we last mentioned him in 2010.   As I said back then, “The man has been on screen in one way or another since 1965. I’ll always remember him as the guy that played Kramer on Seinfeld but that’s limiting Larry Hankin to just one role. The man has over 135 credits to his name and I can honestly say I never even bothered to look up his name.”

Hankin just has that goofy look about him where you don’t even have to hear him speak or do anything and he’s just funny.   He never looks like a normal guy and frankly he always looks strung out or something.  Almost like a real life Christopher Lloyd from Taxi.

Anyway, check out a clip of him after the jump….


He’s just as weird in person.

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