The CEO of Nike Has An Amazing Office

We haven’t done an “office” post in a while.  I remember a few months ago we hit a pretty cool splurge of posts that featured pictures of offices from the likes of Google, Facebook, Twitter, and even Pixar.   I guess the doors of major offices have been closed to the public for a while.

Thankfully Mike Parker, CEO of Nike, allowed some photographers to take pictures of his office.  After you see these photos you might wonder how the hell Mike gets an ounce of work done.   It’s full of some of the coolest and also weirdest stuff to be put into an office.

Check out the pictures after the jump…..

Thanks to God Like Genius for the pics

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  1. I have spoken to Mike before and he is a hell of a nice guy. He purchased one of my art pieces a few years ago before I even knew who he was and is a big supporter of local/national underground artists.

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