Would You Live in this Steampunk House on Wheels?

Personally I think that steampunk is one of the coolest art genres going on right now.   I would say that nearly anything that’s “steampunked” is something that we try to feature on this site.  We’ve featured pens, hot girls steampunking, steampunking computers, video games, you name it.  But have we ever featured an entire home that has been ridden with steampunk?  Nope.

This strange-looking self-propelled Victrorian house called “Neverwas Haul” was built by a couple from California. It is constructed on the base of a 5th wheel travel trailer and its rooms are crammed with all sorts of oddities including a camera obscura projector.

Check out more pics after the jump…

Thanks to Neverwashaul for the pics

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  1. Yeah, that’s Burning Man. There are dozens of artcars and sound buses (busses?) to ride. I rode a bus that was a cruise ship. I missed Neverwas Haul this year, but my boyfriend saw it.

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